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September 5th 2007
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1kg of Postcard...1kg of Postcard...1kg of Postcard...

Copenhagen is a nice city.....many people....the difference so far from Sweden is,
more people smoke, and more garbage, and heavy bike traffic!!
The, prices, people...and..spitting!...-__-"

Walked around the city with Amanda, the Australian girl at the hostel.
We walked around the Nørrebro...area...and inside the city a bit. explored a few supermarkets....and window shopped. haaa! She was actually looking for boots and accidentially. I came across these shoes that matches my trousers REALLLLLY WELL!!!!! but damn. they didn't have my size!!!! ><" I jus know its gonna be very very hard to find another pair that matches...=(

Anyways, The palace buildings here doesn't seem to stand out that much? I can't believe I walked passed it a few times not knowing its the Palace! haaa...

Anyways, late afternoon need to checkin again so headed back to the hostel and cook dinner..Then, met up with the Dean and Thomas....or at least i think that's what their names are....haaa... drank in the common room a bit....and then headed out to the International Students Night at this bar!

WOW, it was Packed!!!! loads of International a beer and just moved around. Amanda was a very pretty girl and all night, I just stood there, looking at guys checkin her out and finding excuses to talk to her....haa..its so funny.!! haaaaa..
Dean got really drunk and we started to play invisivble baseball.....and then suddenly it turned into football and I was unable to kick and do all the tricks!...HAAAAAAAA! it was hilarious!!

left around 130am.....dead tired already. actually felt so sleepy by midnight, for their 3rd round of drinks, they actually got me a bottle of water! cool is that.
Went out to eat a Kebap......and then rushed back to sleeeeeeeeep!!! god..checkout at 9am ahhh!!!!!!!!!!

This tired....checked out, went to use the net, and then walked around the Mermaid Park place and around the city. Keep bumping into the English guy Dean, so then just walked around together.
I put my bag in the locker and forgot my extra battery!! So my camera died halfway through the walk!! ><"

Walked along the shopping street into this less crowded nice! There were these really nice churches and then right in time to see the changing of the guards....which was....well.....usual. The Sq. they marched in was pretty coool though!

Next, walked to the Mermaid park.....there

nice city overall! The area near the Mermaid park was the best so far though...
was an English Church there and it was beautiful!!! I mean.....its small..simple..but made with grey stones and looks nice!! Loved it!!!! (argh!! and my camera didn't last for it!!!) The big fountain was next to it and it was pretty nice as well. The park was very peaceful to walk around...and they had the river/canal there as well. =)

After the pleasant walk, went back to the internet place to grab my bags....gonna catch the train to Århus today! Wasn't able to find someone to couchsurf ah since they are having a festival up there apparently....=( but did find a bed in the hostel...^^

Looking up trains to Amsterdam..and darnit! from Hamburg there are no direct or easy train to Amsterdam!?!?! argh....but actually one that goes directly to Brussels!..WTH?! so now gonna be in Belgium first and then head back to Amsterdam....

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Cycling laneCycling lane
Cycling lane

Beware of Cyclist!!! They are more dangerous than cars!!!

of a social worker?
Exhibition at the Sq.Exhibition at the Sq.
Exhibition at the Sq.

It was nice!!! very interesting set up!
Mermaid ParkMermaid Park
Mermaid Park

The church that I really liked!

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