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October 10th 2009
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Leg of LambLeg of LambLeg of Lamb

Today's lunch. Yum. Well, the spinach had too much garlic and was frozen, but the lamb was great.
Had a nice, relaxing morning with coffee in the breakfast room. I had packed before going down, so was able to store my luggage and head off exploring some more. Went down to the Old Town Square to see a few things I had missed. One thing that I did want to do was a Tower Climb behind the Astronomical Clock. I popped for the 70 KC so I could take the elevator. So far I have done more walking than one person should do in a month let alone 4 days. The views were nice up there, but the weather turned and was chilly, very overcast, grey and sprinkling every once in a while. Ick. I have to say that I really enjoyed Prague. It was a great start to the vacation and a beautiful city. I don't know that I would want to come back here, unlike Venice or Florence, but it was wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better place to kick the jet lag. Actually, I didn't have any jet lag. Woo Hoo!

Had a nice lunch at the same restaurant I ate at last night. Wow, great chicken soup. I should write a
Astornomical ClockAstornomical ClockAstornomical Clock

I know, I know. Everyone has a picture of this, but considering how old it is, it really is impressive.
book about Chicken Soup for the Traveler. lol. It was just what I needed and of course I took a picture of it. Had the same driver take me back to the airport. The flight here to Warsaw was as nice as one can be on a propeller plane, but the flight attendant was great. She even gave me Coke AND coffee to go with my sandwich of sundried tomato, olives, cheese and lettuce on a sunflower seed roll. Nice. I am sitting here with a beer to kill the taste of the horrible, nasty, yucky, gross, unappetizing, unappealing, unworthy dinner I just had at the Warsaw Chopin Airport. In case I didn't get the point across, I was not a big fan of the dinner. Had to eat something since I have 5 hours here. EuroLot Airlines canceled my early flight which put me here after my connecting flight departed. This happened a few weeks ago, but still kind of bites. Oh well, only 2 more hours of waiting in a deserted airport. Should get to the Krakow Airport around midnight.

Not much more to say tonight. Hope you are well. From here to there, Ciao,

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View from Clock TowerView from Clock Tower
View from Clock Tower

You can see just how ugly the weather has turned.
Interesting MuralInteresting Mural
Interesting Mural

The tram went by this and each time I looked at it. Tanks and bulldozers. Very interesting I thought.
Prague AirportPrague Airport
Prague Airport

There wasn't a person in this section. I felt as if I had wandered into Stephen King's the Stand or something.

11th October 2009

I guest you are really there... Rumor says that you are home and unwilling to answer your door bell. ha ha, miss you!
11th October 2009

You made me laugh
Thanks for the nice comment. I have to say that it would be a possibility to be hiding at home, but this time I really am gone. Getting ready to head out into the rainstorm in Crakow now.

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