Day 3, Vysoka Skola economicka and the great guitar quest

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June 9th 2009
Published: June 9th 2009
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Day 3, June 9, 2009
Vysoka Skola economicka and the great guitar quest

Took the tram by myself to school this morning, didn't get lost, I've been shockingly not getting lost on the trams thus far, quite pleased with myself, ha ha. Was the first class today for the class being taught by the Vyosoka skola economicka (school of economics) professor. The class is called "Doing Business in Center/Eastern European countries", and that's basicaly what's it about, how to do business in Central and Eastern Europe, include culture, customs, legal matters, etc. Lots of history intermixed, and talking about current events. I think I'm really going to like the course, not too much number crunching (unlike my other course) just pure useful things to know.

I'm coming to learn to never predict what a bathroom is going to be like in the Czech Republic.. Really, this is important to know if you're a born and raised American Unlike the U.S. where every restroom is pretty standard, but here it takes practically 5 minutes to devise simple things like how to flush the toilet! And, often the toilet paper is located OUTSIDE the individual stalls (warning to girls!)

I met the nicest Slovakian student stuying at the university in the international student computer lab today. I was struggling, trying to figure out how to access a guitar shop via tram, how to print, and all the while spazzing on the international keyboard, and Katerina totally explained the easiest way to schedule public transportation, a wealth of useful information about the school, and definetly saved and will save a lot of useless wandering time. She offered to give me a tour of the city and then go for a drink with her friends, which I'll totally take her up on. I have yet to sample the Czech beer!

My main quest today was to find and buy a guitar. First I had to go back to Vodaphone because I left without my charger when I bought the phone the other day. The same guy who helped me out there last time was there (cute and spoke great English), and he also helped me map out how to get to the guitar place. Vodaphone is located right next to TESCO which I go to practically every other day, so I may be tempted to stop by and say hello (I mean dobredy) each of my trips, lol 😉

So after Michal printed out the map, I found the guitar shop. I seriously never would have found it without a map, it was in an unlabeled surprisingly close to a main tourist drag building down in a basement. God, was it good to get my fingers on some strings again. Ended up spending a little more than planned, but she's beautiful. The clerk was really friendly (though I'm not sure how much he really understood my English, he smiled and nodded a lot), and I learned about a music festival that is going on in Prague next week called United Island. I will definetely be checking that out, maybe bringing my new Cort (based in Korea). Shocking good guitar for only 3500 crowns (that crowns, not dollars folks).

Unfortunately, I have to do finance hw now. I'm still sneezing my head off, and keep on accidentally buying sparking water, hmmmm. Still got to plan weekend travel


9th June 2009

Haha hey its Alex. Saw that your comment section was blank - that just won't do! Seems like you're having an awesome time. Peace. PS - If this shows up twice, my bad. This whole comment thingamagigger is weird.
12th June 2009

vacationing in Prague in August
Hello. I am enjoying reading your blog. My husband and I are traveling to Prague in August. Any tips you have would be great! We haven't decided on a hotel yet. I have been working 24/7 since February and we decided we needed a good break for our 7 year anniversary. I work at an architect firm and my husband is in his last year of his history doctorate. We can't wait to get to Prague!
17th June 2009

hotel in Prague
Five or six years ago my husband and I stayed in a wonderful small hotel located under the Charles Bridge area (ideal). At the time it was called the Dum House but I understand it has changed ownership and name. Still looked the same summer before last when we stopped by. Only two stories (maybe three) right on the river. Get a corner room if you can for breeze. It was a heavenly little place with downy comfortors. No elevator but worth it.

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