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September 2nd 2008
Published: September 4th 2008
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Prague at last

We arrived in Prague at last. It was around 6 o'clock local time but still light. We got our bags and headed to the buses, our first taste of Prague's amazing public transport system.

After a 30 minute trip into the city by bus and Metro we found our hotel and checked in. I didn't remember what the place was going to be like but were were both amazed our quaint little hotel.

We were both pretty exhausted so we headed our to look for some more food (it sounds like we haven't stopped eating the whole way but don't forget we had been going for over 30 hours by this stage).

We found an amazing pub that brewed it's own beer and served up good Czech food. It was just what the doctor ordered.

We got back to the hotel for a well deserved rest, looking forward to exploring Prague the next day....

Day 1

The next day we woke up pretty early, as our body clock was still all out of whack, and after some breakfast European style (lots of cheese, cold meats and lovely bread) we headed of to explore. First up was the old part of town, Vysehrad. We decided to walk to talk in the sights on the way. Prague is a truly beautiful city. The old buildings, the cobblestone streets and the trams whizzing by give the place an amazing vibe.

Vysehrad is the birth place of Prague, an old walled part of town with lots of beautiful churches and buildings and also great views of the city. It was all up hill to get there but well worth it.

So after walking around there for a few hours we headed back into town, firstly stopping off for a refreshing beer and snack. The Czech beer it great!!!

We then jumped in a tram to get to the main part of town. The public transport system in Prague is amazing, trams buses and an underground metro. It was soo easy to get anywhere.

The main part of town is even more beautiful but very crowded. We just walked the streets and took in the sights.

By this time we were exhausted. We'd been going for about 6 hours. We decided to head back to the hotel for a nap. We got the

They do things a bit difrferently in Prague
tram back to the city to see a concert in an old church. It was a string quartet playing everything from Mozart to Vivaldi. It was fantastic. Well worth the $35 and fortunately only went for an hour as we were sitting in some very old church pews which were not made for comfort. I think it was supposed to be some kind of penance to sit there as there was a lip on the back of them that stuck right into my back..

We were a bit delirious by this time, we'd gone out like a bull at a gate and we were paying for it. To make matters worse we walked for over an hour to find somewhere to eat. The first day was a big one but also a good one.

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4th September 2008

Best Meal Ever
Hi Guys, see all that rubbish flying is really worth it at the end ! I love Prague. When I was there I went to this restaurant in a basement of a really old building, it was made up of tunnels and really cool, but more importantly the cocktails were cheaper than water and I had one of the best meals I have EVER eaten in my life. Some Czech stew but it was out of this world. There are so many great places to see there, can't wait to see your pics and hear all about it. Happy travels. Terri x
4th September 2008

hi there worldwide travellers, Glad to hear you made it safe to your 1st chapter of european bliss. Hope you are having a ball and can only hope your outbound flight is much more enjoyable than the inbound! look forward to reading more of your adventures soon! Sar xxx

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