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February 12th 2007
Published: February 12th 2007
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Hi mom. I am having a fabulous time here in Prague. I wish you were here, there are so many things I experience that I think you would enjoy too. For starters, the food and drink is delicious, as you might have interpreted from my last blog. Next, the sights are so fascinating and almost all correlate to some sort of historic event, and you always love being knowledgable in history. Thirdly, there are so many beautiful architectural wonders here that I know you would love admiring. There are also so many interesting sights to photograph and although you haven't taken pictures in a long time I think this city would inspire you to pick it up again. I feel like I am surrounded by students here whose hobbies include photography and it reminds me of you terribly. Today I visited the Lennon Wall and thought of you. This wall was created after Lennon was shot and was originally a memorial of graffitti that was not approved by the government and was painted over. The artists continued to come back to the same spot, no matter how many times the police had the wall repainted until it became the only location in Prague where it is legal to graffitti and express oneself artisitcally on the side of a public wall. This wall reminded me of you and I couldn't stop taking pictures of it.
I love you, I miss you and I hope you enjoy the photos...I know yours would probably turn out better. 😊

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Lennon Wall VIIILennon Wall VIII
Lennon Wall VIII

I put my own creative art up...if you have been reading my blog, you may be able to discover the message I placed on the wall. It has a special meaning.

18th February 2007

Your dedication of this blog to me is so sweet. Message is in blue ? I love you and want to hear from you soon. Love Mom
21st March 2007

I'm right this time?

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