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September 12th 2019
Published: September 14th 2019
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Prague has not disappointed!

Arriving into manic traffic was a bit overwhelming and did make me wonder what lay ahead. But settling into my hotel, central to the Old Town dispelled all those fears. Across the road was the River and behind that was The Old Town, Prague Palace, King Charles Bridge and the numerous narrow streets with centuries old buildings and architecture in the old town. This Palace is the largest in Europe and where the President has his office. The Cathedral is stunning as well. In Prague every corner seems to have a Cathedral that is stunningly beautiful or a glimpse of something that takes your breath away.

Some areas are beginning to show modernity particularly large hotel chains and the business district downtown.

Wenceslas Square though is all beige, traditional architecture and where all protests and city celebrations are held. Saw many examples of Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and Romanesque architecture.

Sadly though Prague came with heaps of tourists following umbrellas, fake flowers or flags- a reminder why I chose not to do a tour. Most had at least 60 to a group with the occasional smaller group which is a better option. But it is the end of summer and the best time to go.

Public transport is excellent in Prague as well as many hop on/off buses that include a river cruise.

Teenagers in Prague are expected to learn traditional dancing around 15 years of age. It brought back memories of the ‘forced to go’ ballroom dancing class with Tina and Ian at St Peter’s East Bentleigh every Sunday night. In our parents eyes, it was important- a rite of passage. Still can’t dance any of these with the exception of my interpretation of a waltz.

But back to Prague. It’s a city of wonderful surprise around every corner. History, traditions and easily walked.

Mind you it has the worst graffiti I’ve seen anywhere. Including Australia.

But my time there is memorable and will always be remembered as the most beautiful city in the world. Although, I would not say the friendliest city in the world.

Sadly, a technical glitch with photos 😞


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