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September 13th 2019
Published: September 14th 2019
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Train to Vienna

Prague Station is big but not to hard to navigate. Was standing comfortably waiting for my platform number to come up and along come a ‘transport gypsy’. First met one at Krakow Station. They spot the bewildered looking travellers(solo or groups) and advise you were to go, take you to your platform and tell you the exact spot your carriage will be. Not aggressive and very helpful. At the end they rub their fingers together for a little payment. Train pulls in and he was spot on.

The usual push and shove to board which is unnecessary as we all have allocated seats. Then chaos reigned as people got on wrong carriages or simply the wrong end of their carriage - which is no one’s error as you wouldn’t know. At least there were three luggage racks spaced out with my luggage being next to my seat which is always comforting. The train starts moving as many people are still searching for seats.

Nice window seat to let my sight and mind wander and enjoy the trip. A Young Spanish girl beside me.

The train is smooth and the Czech countryside similar to Poland although a lot of forests as logging appears to be an important industry. Little villages with similar farming and crops as Poland. Corn still featured strongly and I wondered what their irrigation techniques are as nothing is visible or evident. Although there are many rivers/streams along the way. Some houses are set so far back into the forest you wonder how cold that would get in Winter. But then larger towns with industry and small cities all present themselves along the way. And once again the Church spires pop up above all else.

There are many stops along the way and you wonder what people do in these places as they seem quite remote. But they may well be visiting. The lush green landscape continues all the way to the border.

An announcement comes over telling us we are soon to cross the border. We in fact crossed 2 borders with a blink and you miss it through Slovakia! Very soon after you knew you were in Austria by the change in landscape, farming and architecture. Austrian farms have a series of water channels throughout their farms for irrigation. Sunflower farming appears along with melons, corn and small green crops. The bare land looks dry but crops are thriving.

As we pull into Vienna Station the scramble for bags occurs as people disembark orderly. People wanting to board the train nearly block our exit and as several steps are involved with a gap between the train and platform it’s a bit of a challenge. Eventually, a new luggage hero comes to my aide from a few metres back and low and behold it’s an Aussie.

The station platform was chaos with people trying to get through those impatient people wanting to board. My pickups at stations have been prearranged and thankfully my look alike Kurt (from the Sound of Music) is tall with his arm in the air holding a sign with my name.

Vienna Station is a new multi story and as many are it’s a shopping centre as well as a station.

Kurt navigates this to his car and gets me safely to my accommodation.

Welkomme, Welkomme, Welkomme as I walked in. I relaxed, unpacked and headed out for a bit.

P.S. Still no photos due to a technical problem


23rd September 2019

Prague to Vienna
Welcome to beautiful Vienna. Did you see any more of the Von Trapp family!!!!!! You must be frustrated with the technical problem. Nonetheless you will have them as a memory on your return to OZ. Cheers.

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