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September 3rd 2010
Published: September 9th 2010
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National MuseumNational MuseumNational Museum

This building sits atop the hill overlooking the Wenceslas Square. The light-colored patches in the columns are fill holes where Soviet bullets hit during the crackdownin 1968.
Day 18-Prague

This was our last full day of the trip. We decided today to follow the Rick Steve’s tour of the New Town. It was fun to find all of the highlights noted in his book. We acted like we were on TV’s Amazing Race.

We started at the top of Wenceslas Square and stopped at all the highlights. After walking north for about a quarter of a mile, we turned west to the Vltava River. Then we went south to find the Dancing House.

Afterwards, we found a Metro station to ride back to the Flora Mall to meet with Jay and Camille for lunch and some shopping. I was not surprised that Jackie and Camille purchased some new funky shoes. They have that on their mind since one of our shipmates, Joseph, showed up with a pair from a store in Budapest.

After this shopping we returned to the hotel to start our final packing and to get ready for our farewell dinner. The dinner was to be held at the Lobkowicz Palace Café. This may have been one of the nicest dinners on the tour. The only hiccup was when a cup
St. Wenceslas StatueSt. Wenceslas StatueSt. Wenceslas Statue

King Wenceslas I was 8th century king that is credited for "Christianizing" his people. He was murdered in 929 and later canonized as a saint.
of water was spilled on the table and down to one chair. Only when Camille sat in this chair did we know that it was wet. I wish I had had my camera ready at that moment. She handled it about as well as possible given the situation. Only, I wonder if she is dry even now.

After the dinner we took a few last photos and were driven back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we fly home. Our bags have to be outside our doors at 5:45am. We depart for the airport at 6:30am. That’s 12:30am, Atlanta time. We are to arrive in Atlanta at 7:30pm. So, it will be a long day.

And it was. We flew from Prague to Paris to Washington, Dulles to Atlanta. Our only concern was when we arrived in Dulles 30 minutes late and only had 1.5 hours to catch our Atlanta flight. We still had to clear customs and re-check in. We had only 25 minutes from checking our bags to pass back through security and run to our gate, the last on the concourse. But, in typical Dorsey-style, we made it.

Thanks for following our trip. We had
Wenceslas SquareWenceslas SquareWenceslas Square

Pretty gardens all along the square.
fun together with our friends the Warrens, our new friends, and even the security idiots that we met in Budapest!

Tom and Jackie

Additional photos below
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Wenceslas SquareWenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square

It was on this balcony in Nov. 1989 that 300,000 people were addressed by Alexander Dubcek and Vaclav Havel. They announced that the Politburo had resigned and that freedom was imminent. The fall of communism.
Wenceslas SquareWenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square

This is Lucerna Gallery.
Franciscan GardenFranciscan Garden
Franciscan Garden

My mother was a Rose... Nell Rose. I can't resist taking a photo whenever I see another.
Velvet Revolution of 1989Velvet Revolution of 1989
Velvet Revolution of 1989

This memorial is to the hundreds of students injured here by the police on Nov. 11, 1989.
Walk along the VltavaWalk along the Vltava
Walk along the Vltava

We asked a nice Japanese women to take our photo. Just after she asked us...
Dancing HouseDancing House
Dancing House

This is a design by architect Frank Gehry. It is known as "Fred and Ginger."
Happy TouristsHappy Tourists
Happy Tourists

Jackie and Camille found a shoe store in the Flora Mall. They were inspired by our shipmate friend Joseph.
Castle QuarterCastle Quarter
Castle Quarter

We came back to the Prague Castle for our farewell dinner.
Castle QuarterCastle Quarter
Castle Quarter

The views from here are great. On the right is the eastern gate of the Charles Bridge.
Castle QuarterCastle Quarter
Castle Quarter

Lobkowicz Palace Cafe. This was a very nice place to finish our trip. Photos on the wall included Laura Bush and daughter, Jenna.
Castle QuarterCastle Quarter
Castle Quarter

A nice view looking south from the balcony.

9th September 2010

Hey....I forgot that there was one more blog..... the Velvet Revolution would have been November 17th...remember the day/month/yr is the European style. "Good King" Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia...remember that...I think it's also a song during the Christmas holiday. He was a real person.
9th September 2010
Walk along the Vltava

Your walk alon the Vltava
This is my favorite photo of you two on the trip! Beautiful background and you guys look great!! Thanks for the wonderful blog on your trip, Tommy. Can't wait until you get this published so we can enjoy going through the book with you while you give us more info about what we see! Also, glad you had a super trip. Glad you are now back home!
9th September 2010

Last day
Tom, great pics - especially loved the pic of the rose.... No comment on the shoe purchase...
10th September 2010

thanks for taking me along!
i enjoyed the ride, AND the photos, AND the interesting historical facts. hugs sue
10th September 2010

what a great day
You too are to much, what agrand life you have... sending roses LOVE MELIA
12th September 2010

Thanks, Melia. We had fun. But we continue to miss our friends in the Bahamas. We'll get down sometime before Christmas to see you guys. Tom

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