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July 19th 2006
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Olomouc town squareOlomouc town squareOlomouc town square

a giant baroque column is the meeting spot for the kids.
Sure you've heard of Bohema. Prague's the capital of that region, Bohemian is an adjective that applies to hipsters. But I'm not a hipster. That's why Sam and I went to Olomouc, the capital of the Moravian region of the Czech republic. It is a mid-sized city of 200,000, we were originally planning to stay one night, but we stayed 2 because it was so relaxing.

There wasn't really a whole lot to see, it was just the atmosphere and the great people at the hostel, I talked to some Finns about their compulsory army, a Frenchman about the E.U. and Zidane, some Aussies about the West coast, etc. We also went to a tea house with a snobby guy who, when we told him we wanted green tea, said "we have 50 kinds." Whatever, we got Japanese bancha tea. Except "cha" means tea in japanese, so its "ban-tea tea." and that was told to us by tets, a japanese student we met.

So, Olomouc can't really be expressed by pictures or words, and I can't upload pictures here anyways. Here is how I will sum it up: there was a carnival with a little ride that said "TRIPE."
Astronomical ClockAstronomical ClockAstronomical Clock

It used to be covered with saints that came out every hour, but that was boring so the local authorities replaced them with all kinds of proletarians. Bakers, athletes, musicians, even the intelligentsia.
And I don't know why. Because tripe is organ meat. Also, I had a dumpling with poppy seeds in it for desert. And I got a new pair of czech hipster shoes for 27 bucks, and we got caught in a downpour and later tried to buy an umbrella from a vietnamese market, but they only had the big pointy kind.

Olomoucs = better than prague, for seeing the real czech republic. I think, I didn't go anywhere else. It's a decent sized country.

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Orthodox ChurchOrthodox Church
Orthodox Church

Quaint, no? And colorful.

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