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Europe » Croatia » Istria August 10th 2019

Tuesday:plan. Get up, go to get a boat to Birjuni, have a nice day, go back to the house and maybe out for tea. The reality: up at the crack of dawn (ish) to go to the garage, chauffeured by lozz who really had no plans for this in his holiday. Told by the garage man that nope, not a chance of looking at the car (just looking at it, not even mending it) till Thursday. So we collected some stuff and sulked our way to the (very very hot) beach at Rovinj. Seth had a great time (loudly pointing out that a chubby preteen boy had boobies was perhaps the highlight though). We sulked our way through (having a few words with ourselves about being so grumpy in such a lovely place). Seth paddled, had ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Funtana August 5th 2019

I learnt a very lot today.... First off I learnt what the Croatian for 'sour cream' is. Sadly it was only after having bought two pots of it at the shop yesterday, put a load on my cereal and eaten a bit that I thought that checking the translation would be good as it wasn't really like yoghurt! In all fairness it was really nice but I'm guessing not particularly healthy! I also learnt that health and safety is not even an afterthought for Croatians. Given the limited time spent at Slovenia's number one dinopark, we decided to forego the beach in the heat and try Croatia's number one dinopark. Oh my....... In all fairness the dinosaurs weren't bad, no noise so Seth was happy, and lots of them all dotted around but the rides.... The ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria August 5th 2019

Monday..... Plan: get up, go to Pula, park near aquarium, see fish in a fort, have lunch, have a gentle drive to Rovinj, meet a friend for a cuppa, leave, go home via supermarket, brother would arrive, have tea, maybe have a dip in the pool, Seth to bed at 7 and a nice drink on the terrace. Actual...... Got up and left probably later than intended but hey ho Got to Pula for eleven or so and oh my god. Not only could we not park anywhere near the aquarium (despite there being lots of spaces the men wouldn't let us in) we couldn't park on anything resembling a car park. Eventually we parked slightly up a grassy hill in a wooded area (with all the rest of the world, no one was anywhere else ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula August 3rd 2019

Yesterday was our last full day in Bled, so, not to waste any of it despite the showery rain and distant thunder, we headed off to the dino park just outside Bled. We'd seen it three years ago and decided it looked naff enough to visit when we first bought Seth. On the way there, the weather worsened and Seth fell asleep so.... We both feel asleep too once we had parked up. Waking from our respective naps it was clear that the weather was not just a bit rainy, it was armageddon. Trying to persuade Seth that the dinosaurs would be better in the sun was just not working (lots of snot, many tears) so we donned coats and braved it in true British style. The woman running the place looked gobsmacked to see anyone. ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Motovun June 17th 2019

Friday 31stMay to Wednesday 5th June Cres-Losinj Islands The forecast has improved and we are in for some sunshine again. The ferry to Porozina on the north of Cres was straight forward. Cres is the second biggest Croatian island but is sparsely populated and seems only to have one road from the port along the island. The road is in the process of being improved and made for an interesting driving experience as traffic unloading from the ferry met traffic coming towards the port. We stopped off in Cres Town for provisions before crossing the narrow channel at Osor (a tiny walled town) that separates Cres from the island of Losinj. This was to be a two centre visit where we enjoyed exploring the islands both on foot and by bike. Our first campsite was about ... read more
Mali Losinj
Looking down on Mali Losinj with the rest of Losinj in the distance

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Medulin June 6th 2019

Thursday 16thMay Krka National Park We are now in Northern Dalmatia We arrived at the campsite yesterday and booked on a guided tour of the National park for today – our first rain free sunny day for a while. The park covers an area of 109 km squared of the Krka River. It includes waterfalls that have been built from travertine, limestone that has settled out of the water and accumulated, which apparently is quite a rare phenomenon. The park is also home to a wealth of plant species, fish and a stopping off place for migratory birds. It also shows evidence of human habitation since prehistoric times and includes the remnants of the former Krka Hydro-power plant which began operations in 1895 just two days after the first hydro-power plant in the world (in the ... read more
Krka National Park
Admiring the wildlife
The necklaces

Europe » Croatia » Istria May 16th 2019

Je näher wir der Adria kommen umso mehr klart der Himmel auf und nach einer regennassen Fahrt durch Slowenien und über die Grenze nach Kroatien können wir unser Glück kaum fassen, als wir gegen Mittag bei blauem Himmel und 15 Grad in Pula ankommen und vom in der Sonne glitzernden Mittelmeer begrüßt werden. Der Campingplatz auf einer Halbinsel im Süden der Stadt ist nahezu leer und da er eigentlich über 250 Stellplätze verfügt, bedeutet das für uns Platz ohne Ende. Wie es hier allerdings in der Hauptsaison zugehen mag, wollen wir lieber nicht wissen. Unter Pinien an einem kleinen Hang gelegen mit Blick durch die Bäume aufs Wasser beziehen wir unseren Stellplatz und das Urlaubsgefühl setzt spätestens ein, als wir die Liegestühle in die Sonne stellen. Einen Kaffee in der Hand, die Sonnenbrille auf der Nase ... read more
Pula (6)
Pula (7)
Pula (10)

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Opatija November 6th 2018

Today was an awesome day. I took an optional tour to istria which was about 45 minutes from opatija. It is Croatia's truffle region and is also known for its wines. Besides France and Italy, croatia is the best place for truffles. The area is only an hour from the border of Italy. Trieste is the closest Italian city. There is a significant Italian population and influence here. Mario andretti, the race car driver, is from motuvan, a town we visited. First we stopped off to meet wirh a woman who, along with her well trained dog Nera, hunts for truffles. She gave us a demonstration of how the dogs find them. It was very interesting. I took a video. All my pix are on my camera. Next stop was motuvan, a beautiful Medieval city. We ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Plitvicka Jezera November 5th 2018

Today was a transit day. Left Zagreb this morning. Really nice city. Today we visited politics lakes, a beautiful national park in Croatia, one of 8. Took a walking tour for about 2 1/2 hours. It was supposed to rain, but luckily it never did. We are now in opatija. Really pretty Adriatic coastal city. Reminds me of the riviera. Great views. I can see why Europeans want to come here for their holidays. I'll add some pix now. ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Pula October 31st 2018

Z ubytka smer zel.stanica Budova stara ale pekne upravena, kaviarnicka nesmie chybat. Je tu odstaveny aj jeden parny rusen, v rijeke bol tiez pred stanicou jeden. Vonku pekne slnecno, tak mikina dole a len v kratkom tricku smer cintorin. V miestnom parku dychovka a asi 10ludi, si tu uctievali neakych mrtvych ludi pri pomniku. V okoli cintorina predavali kopu kvetov, dusicky sa blizia. To malo za nasledok aj zvyseny pocet ludi a aut. Mesto pula dokonca dalo gratis dopravu mhd na cintorin. Nuz ale cintorin nebol moj hlavny dovod ist tymto smerom. Ciel je dalsia pevnost giorgio. Keby tu nebola keska ani sem nejdem, bo vsetky pevnosti su tu na jedno kopyto. Kruhova stavba, priekopa a uzavrete pre verejnost. No tato nie, mrezove dvere otvorene, tak idem na prieskum. Dnu maly plac, okolo mury kde boli ... read more

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