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August 10th 2019
Published: August 10th 2019
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Tuesday:plan. Get up, go to get a boat to Birjuni, have a nice day, go back to the house and maybe out for tea.

The reality: up at the crack of dawn (ish) to go to the garage, chauffeured by lozz who really had no plans for this in his holiday. Told by the garage man that nope, not a chance of looking at the car (just looking at it, not even mending it) till Thursday. So we collected some stuff and sulked our way to the (very very hot) beach at Rovinj. Seth had a great time (loudly pointing out that a chubby preteen boy had boobies was perhaps the highlight though). We sulked our way through (having a few words with ourselves about being so grumpy in such a lovely place). Seth paddled, had an ice cream and filled his new road roller with stones and really loved the beach. We decided though that heading back might be a better afternoon, if only to escape the heat. Once back we all perked up a bit, Ash, Seth and lozz had a dip in the pool (I felt that my presence stilted their fun/prevented them playing 'pass the toddler!) and we settled in for a bbq evening.

Wednesday: plan. Follow lozz to Koper in Slovenia, pick him up drive to a beach near Venice then onto Verona for the evening.

Actual: still no news from green flag (yeah, the cars not even been looked at yet, great) but lozz so had to return his car so he set off whilst we waited for the delivery of the rental car (green flag in their defence were briliant, the Croatian laid back attitude was our issue!) Barbara delivered us a golf and we set off in our 'new car' for Slovenia. Somehow we took the longest route (this is a theme) but eventually met up with lozz in Slovenia's Venice. Very nice but probably won't be back!. We headed back shopping at a supermarket where yet again the Croatian health and safety flaws were evident (fresh chicken picked up by meat guy, no gloves, no hand wash and potentially chicken that had been there for days (we're all fine though so who cares!) Ash witnessed bloody carnage in the car park as an old woman tripped and took off a toenail and i managed carnage inside with a 3 foot tyrant who wanted to 'help' with the shopping......

Back at the house there was more swimming, a bit of cooking and an evening under the stars on the terrace. There was also a creeping suspicion by me that all was not right with my leg, bitten to pieces the spreading rash and throbbing had stated to worry me....

Thursday: plan. Leave Verona for lake Como, only a couple of hours drive, and enjoy the lovely views/hunt down George Clooney.

Actual: with still no car news and a massively sore leg, we took both bulls by the horn. In raging heat , we went to the tourist doctor in Rovinj (by some miracle finding parking in the country with the least parking. We took a Seth speed walk to the docs, bemoaning bites/lovely scenery and all that was Croatian . Whilst I get that having an enforced extra stay in such a beautiful place, twice, is not such a hardship, it had started to feel like Croatia not only wanted to just keep us but also wanted to make sure we couldn't and didn't park anywhere, got too hot and we're eaten alive by mosquitos at the same time !

The doctors queue was short and, although she looked like she was only just through puberty (I'm now that old the doctors look young enough to be my kids) she gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. Lozz , Seth and myself sat in a bar whilst Ash fetched the cream. In the bar, i took Seth to the toilet, in theory no big deal, after getting sorted (no mummy i don't need a wee now) we went to open the door and..... Nothing... Nada.... No movement.... Stuck. Totally stuck. One full minute of pushing later and i managed to barge the door open. Seems Croatia wanted to even lock me in to keep us there.

Next stop was the garage. We had decided to go in and remind them of our plight and how pathetic we were. I was all for the tears apprach, a nice bit of wailing to the man. Ash favoured the grant Mitchell approach but in the end went with a less menacing quizzical approach. With demands to :ring after 4'we headed off. Strangely, as we pulled into the shop car park next door, our car was being moved for the first time in 3 days.... Funny what a personal appearance can do!

Sandwiches bought we headed off to meet the others at Cisterna Beach (not as toliet like as you'd imagine!). Given that it's down a 45 mile track (ok 2 mile but it felt longer) it was relatively quiet and again, actual parking! Big stones and bigger waves meant Seths paddling was short and sweet. Lozz taught Croatia to skim stones and ash popped a rubber ring. At dead on 4 Ash rang garsge man..... On his return he whispered the best thing he ever said to me.... 'they've fixed it '. One small screw had corroded away and they had fixed it in, ooohhh, 40 minutes. I couldn't decide wether to be elated or annoyed!

With a 5 pm deadline , we changed and headed to the garage. Car picked up for the princely sum off about 30 quid, we made our way back to the house to pack up to finally escape Croatia the next day (I know, only 2 extra days, essentially in paradise but it felt like a lifetime!)

Pizza, and a drink at Roys bar marked the last night of the shared holiday. Tomorrow freedom and the open road!


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