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May 12th 2013
Published: May 16th 2013
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Povile Povile Povile

Yes it was like a serpent
What a strange day all round. Suzy packed up again and we are ready for the move again. This time we were heading for a camp site at Punta Povile. It wasn’t an ACSI site but they had been round and registered the site so it had to be OK. Or at least that is what we though.

The journey started off OK and we headed along the motorway. Nothing special just an endless line of nothingness. The road like a snake made its way up and through the mountains. Flowers everywhere, blue Bearded Iris, banks of something mauve and other banks covered in pink . It was pretty to be fair and although Britain does good Spring flowers this little lot beats us hands down.

Eventually we arrived at the end of the motorway and started to work our way up and over the mountains to Senj. The roads were tortuous in the best of conditions with no safety barriers nor anything to stop you going off the road and plunging down the hillside to the valley below and then …………….RAIN. Not just a drop of it but bucket loads which lodged on Suzy’s roof and came off at every corner running
Povile Povile Povile

The view from our motorhome towards Krk
like a torrent. . The windscreen wipers struggled to cope clearing the water off the screen and caution was needed to negotiate the hairpin bends and switchbacks. The roads signs proudly stated that we were going down serpentines and they indeed felt just like that. Thunder boomed and more rain came down. We must have upset some god of the rain to throw this much upon us.

It was with relief that Suzy drove in to Senj a small town with an impressive castle on the hillside. On another day when it was dry Senj would make a nice stop off point and the castle definitely worth a visit. However today all we wanted to do was get to our destination for the night hole up make a cup of tea and settle down.

The rain continued to belt down hitting Suzys roof like hailstones. Stall holders sat on corners , under their umberellas selling marmalade, honey and cheeses. I felt sorry for them trying to earn a crust or two and no-one was stopping because of the poor weather.

We eventually negotiated some more pretty poor roads which in parts were nothing more than dirt tracks full of muddy water and found
Povile Povile Povile

The view from Suzy
Camping Punta Povile. The place looked dead. There was a steep incline into the scruffy site and we could see a reception office. This looked as if it had seen better days and was full of rubbish. It looked as if there hadn’t been any guests on this campsite for some while. The grass was unkempt and a lorry parked up. There were little signs of campers although there were a few hiding round the corner. . The washing basins had seen better days with their chipped tiles, missing taps and lack of water. So full of twigs were they that if they had had water it would have had nowhere to go. And then there were the toilets. A number of blocks were spread around the site but only one open. Shock horror the toilets were clean, had water and toilet paper. The shower was working although without a lock of the door and just a curtain between the user and the outside world there was little chance of thinking of using it. You would need to be brave to venture in there.

We drove along a narrow path and came across a Hymer parked up. . Another Brit one

Another good road in the rain
of only a handful we have seen this holiday. We stopped parked up and asked if they knew whether the camp was open. They assumed it had gone bankrupt and we would be free camping tonight. A chance to be one with nature and try out our solar powered gadgets. And then out of the blue a young boy turned up. From under his umbrella he asked nay demanded our passports and money. We followed him to the reception and he proudly announced that the cost of parking was 120 kuna plus 30 for electric. On a good site this would be good value for money but on this site it was rather a joke. Had we had time we would have moved on but the rain was still falling, the mist had dropped and Glenn didn’t feel inclined to drive to the next good camping site which would have been over the bridge to the island of Krk.

As it turned out the rain eventually stopped, the mist lifted and we had the most glorious view of Senj, its castle,the blue Adriatic and the limestone cliffs of Krk.

We spent the evening drinking wine, taking in the view and talking to our neighbours Peter and Linda who were travelling for 8 weeks in their Hymer. They had taken early retirement 5 years ago . He did not say what he did but Linda had been a social worker They bought their second hand van after a hiccough with their new one which came on the wrong chassis , . Since then they had travelled to Greece which they loved, they had been on a trip to Iceland which they thought was their favourite destination and also tried Northern Germany, Poland and the Moselle Valley.

They gave us a few ideas for next year. We fancied doing France the gentle way taking in all villages we have so far missed. Germany and Poland sound interesting . Strange how you are still on holiday and you start to plan the next one.

Today was a surprise - what a dump of a campsite but what a view. Suddenly the dump felt like a little piece of heaven.


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