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May 3rd 2013
Published: May 3rd 2013
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On the road again On the road again On the road again

A Croatian motorway and train
We woke early this morning as Suzy is on the move again . This is one of the problems of working. We need to move on every couple of days and don’t get the chance to stay put fora few days.

Today will be another six hour drive from Ljubljana to a campsite at Nin, Camping Zaton just outside of Zadar.

We left our campsite and paid up 47.60 euros all told for two nights camping at an ACSI equivalent rate, two nights WiFi and the tickets for the bus. .

The day was overcast and muggy. We thought that we had outrun the rain but it came again in patches. The sky grey and a splattering of rain and nasty flies and hornets on Suzy’s windscreen. The journey was not that interesting. We had to ignore Snoopy the sat nav who wanted to take us through the middle of Ljubljana when we knew if we went the opposite way out of our campsite we would be back on the ring road again. Unfortunately when you ignore a woman telling you go one way she just keeps on and on trying to turn you round back where she wants to go. You have to take your life in your own hands ignore her and keep going until she decides to keep up with you. Once or twice she showed us in a field where there was a new road which she did not recognise. But in the end we ended up on the motorway heading south again.

The roads were straight and pretty boring. Suzy ate up the miles still averaging 27.9 mpg. Would she ever achieve the magic 28mpg.

Some hills in the distance but nothing as majestic as those of Austria or Switzerland. None of the pretty Slovenian villages just a few hamlets, a few churches and a few red roofs. The petrol stations seemed the only thing there were more of. We came to our first toll of the trip and luckily a nice man was in the booth and this saved the usual hanging out of Suzy’s window scrabbling with the ticket machine. The cost of 8 kunas always sounds expensive until converted when it becomes 1 euro 80 cents to travel a few miles of Croatian motorway.

We came to the border and said farewell to Slovenia and entered No Mans Land between Slovenia and Croatia. This year we didn’t get the welcome smile, the cheery words welcome to our country – where are you going? Krk – nice. Stamp on passport for you. Instead a grimace, passport taken and not a word spoken. No stamp either. Rather disappointing. On to the next border crossing and the guy inside the booth just got up and walked out as we passed by. Uneventful. A little like the rest of the journey as Suzy soaked up the miles and the scenery became monotonous. Grey Limestone Karst scenery as far as the eye could see . And endless coniferous forest full of bears and wolves. Not that we saw any but we did see the bridges and paths made for them to get from one side of the motorway to the other.

Lunch was taken in the middle of nowhere. Traffic was thin to say the least . After a quick lunch stop we headed off mountains with snow on the top appeared. And then the sea in the distance. It takes hours to drive down this coast as the roads zig zags down the mountainsides getting nowhere fast. We did eventually hit civilisation and started to head for Nin our two day stop.

Nin is just outside of Zadar and on a bus route hence the choice of Camping Zaton. A huge site which must be bustling in the summer. The plots are very big much bigger than you expect in Europe around 100 – 120 m. Set in woodland with pine trees and shrubs and next to their own manicured beach. There is a swimming complex with outside pool and all campers can use it. I tried the swimming and the water was warm and very inviting . WiFi is free for 2 hours per night but the fee if you choose to pay is rather expensive at 20.00 kuna an hour, 100 kuna a day and 300 kuna for a week. The season looks as if it has only started as only some of the tat shops are open. There is also a restaurant on site, a self service restaurant and pizzeria on site. And even on site entertainment although having watched them going through their paces practising I think its one thing to miss. The supermarket on site has basics but wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t buy lemonade in the shop Reception was helpful . We are being charged ACSI prices and the only place you cannot park is the one row nearest to the beach which is reserved for higher paying guests. Up to now a promising site.

Tomorrow Suzy will sit on her plot and have a rest. We cleaned her tonight and got rid of hundreds of flies that had met their death on her windscreen as we travelled today. We will not get a rest it’s Zadar day. We met a couple just opposite us in a Roma Home and they travel for 50 days at a time. Their journey had taken them through Croatia and were heading back towards Pula. We shared experiences and for the first night on tour we tried out ringing back home using the campsite internet and the BT app on the phone. It will be interesting to see if we get the call from Croatia home free.

This is a good life and one I wish we could continue all the time.


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