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November 24th 2008
Published: November 24th 2008
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The tower in the center of Old Town.
The ride from Zadar to Split was one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced. Imagine the Big Sur in California with a much skinnier highway and the Mediterranean instead of the Pacific. Orange trees and vineyards abound.

Split is a beautiful Roman city in the middle of the Dalmation coast. We were suprised by the intimacy of the place as the old town had many streets that were only wide enough for one person to walk along. It reminded me of Venice a bit, but much warmer!

We were again approached by guesthouse owners as we got off the bus, but brushed them all off as we had planned to stay at a hostel called Al's Place. We walked into the place that was in the city walls only to find out that it was closed. The British owner was very kind and walked us to another place that he thought was good and conveniently open.

Once accommodations were sorted, we headed for the many markets and shopped for some new clothes. The search was somewhat unsucessful as I couldn't find any jeans that would fit. I am finding that the sizes are fairly strange (and

The sunset here remided me a bit of Savary where Alex and I got married.
much smaller) here.

Despite the confidence crushing shopping session, we found the city to be like a walk back in time. Apperently the city was once a Roman emporer's summer retreat. Now it is full of expensive shops, but the feeling of the place is not lost.

The first full day we were there we walked to the top of the park. There was a bit of a hill which provided some much needed exercise, but the pictures show it was worth it!

The second day we headed to Brac (sounds like Brauch) island. It was absolutely beautiful and somewhat uninhabited. In summer it is very full, but now it seemed eerily empty. It was an island capable of dealing with twice it's population in tourists, and when the tourists left there were a lot of empty chairs. Alex and I thrive in this environment, and went for a three hour hike along the beach and through the forest.

We caught the six o'clock ferry back to Split and relaxed in the common room as some kiwis drank on the patio.

The next day we woke up and rushed for the 10:55 bus to Mostar,

The portion of Old Town that runs along the water.
Bosnia & Hercegovina. Don't worry, Alex tells me Bosnia is safe now!

Until next time,

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A small church at the top of the hill overlooking Split.

Looking down onto the water from the top of the park.
On the way to BracOn the way to Brac
On the way to Brac

No smoking outside this ferry only inside where it is safe!

Walking along the boardwalk in Brac... strangely empty!

Skipping stones... got like seven skips out of that one!

Walking along a forest road. Unfortunately it was recently paved.

27th November 2008

Wow, you guys really got caught up on the blog. Your pictures are fantastic, and your spelling is improving Jay. I'm starting to get excited about our trip. Won't be long now. The weather still looks pretty fantastic compared to BC at the moment. Love Mom

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