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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 8th 2019

Nachdem wir nochmal zwei Stunden durch das wunderschöne bergige Hinterland Dalmatiens gefahren sind erreichen wir Split, die zweitgrößte Stadt Kroatiens. Unser Campingplatz in Stobrec vor den Toren der Stadt ist gemütlich und sauber und hat einen eigenen Zugang zum Kiesstrand in einer ruhigen Bucht und tatsächlich ist es halbwegs trocken und ziemlich warm als wir ankommen. Und so verbringen wir hier drei entspannte Tage mit Spaziergängen im Ort, den Füßen immer mal wieder im Meer oder zumindest im Liegestuhl auf dem Campingplatz. Leider erwischt Dennis irgendeine fiese Magen-Darm-Seuche, sodass er leider einige Zeit im Bett verbringt, aber zwischendrin rafft er sich immer wieder auf, um das wenn auch nicht durchgehend sonnige, so zumindest ziemlich trockene Wetter hier zu genießen. Einen Nachmittag fahren wir dann auch mit dem Bus in die Altstadt von Split und sind total ... read more
Split (11)
Split (18)
Krka (10)

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split May 5th 2019

Warning . I sound a little like the advertisements on the T.V before a programme starts. If you are offended by bad language , programmes of a sexual nature or flashing lights switch off now. If you don't want to hear the football results go out of the room now. So this warning is for you - if you don't know what G.O.T. means you have two choices read on and be enlightened or read on because you know exactly what this blog will contain. Actually if you are one of those people who have no idea what I am talking about you can move on to the next blog . We will be doing something Roman next . Gabby the motorhome is parked up on a car park close to the firestation. I don't know ... read more
Klis castle
The view from the castle
Abandon all health and safety on these walls

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split September 23rd 2018

The last few days have been quite busy so today is a day without driving or city sightseeing. We walk along the Split seafront to the enormous Marjan Forest Park, stopping for an al fresco breakfast on a picnic bench on the prom. It’s almost like being back in Bournemouth, except it’s a sunny 28 degrees. We visit the former home of Ivan Mestrovic where plenty of his sculptures are on display. A game the old man likes to play with sculptures: to stand next to it mimicking the pose. Either Mestrovic had some very flexible friends or else a vivid imagination. He also appears to have had an aversion for wearing clothes. We wander round the villa admiring his work, stop for a drink in the little café overlooking the sea, then continue to the ... read more
Split Harbour
Split Harbour
Split Harbour

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split September 23rd 2018

Up early 6am for an early morning walk. Really good as streets just cleaned and nobody around. Went up to rooftop lookout and sun just rising over the town. Walked down the alleyways to the harbourfront. Then back up to the north gate, great inside the palace, no tourists just a few like me taking photos. Back for good breakfast then walking tour of Trogir at 10am. Arrived Trogir, walked the old town which is supposed Venetian like although we all thought more like hilltop village in Italy or Provence. Lovely alleyways and small stone homes squashed up together. Ended at Church of St Laurence which just opened at 12noon, so was quite busy with tourists. Very interesting inside then Pio & Rob climbed the bell tower for fantastic view of Trogir and waterways. Looked around ... read more
From the rooftop

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split September 22nd 2018

After good night sleep, thanks to sleeping pills, departed 8am. Crossed the border into Bosnia, no problems at border control as mostly aussies/Nz. Stopped at roadside cafe for quick pitstop, bought apricot tea. Crossed border again into Croatia, then lunch at old mill riverside restaurant with local foods. Lovely clear river waters. Followed the coast passed beach resorts on the clear Adriatic sea with white beaches. Makarska Riviera very pretty. Arrived Split at 4pm to the new Cornaro hotel. Quick freshen up then walking tour with mikeala? Showed us the roman palace remains of Diocletius. Amazing ruins and history. Back to hotel, quick drink at cafe across the street then bed.... read more
Adriatic coastline
Adriatic coastline
Old mill restaurant

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split September 22nd 2018

Today, after breakfast in the fake forest, we return to Croatia and the city of Split. We settle our bill, which comes with a free pipe (never know when that will come in handy) and depart. Once out of Sarajevo, we drive along the Neretva river until the SatNav tells us to turn right, into the mountains. We climb and climb and climb. The views are spectacular. Eventually the road becomes a gravel track and we have to pick our way along 4 km of trail. It’s so ‘off road’ that after a long period of not seeing another vehicle, we start to get passed by 4x4s with drivers and co-drivers wearing helmets. We’re caught up in some sort of Paris-Dakar style rally. Finally we reach the top, there’s an archway, the tarmac appears and we’re ... read more
Nice scenery - shame about the road
The top of the mountain!
Diocletian’s Palace

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split August 30th 2018

I came in this morning at 0700AM on a Croatian train, once I got here I needed to figure out how I was going to clean up and where I was going to leave my backpack while I explored Split until the afternoon when I was to take the shuttle to Brodarica. It took me awhile to find the bathroom, there was none inside the train station, it was a short walk out on the very crowded sidewalk. It cost some Kuna, that is the currency in Croatia. So I had to get some Kuna from the cash machine first, then I had to buy a Cappucino to get change. I freshened up in the bathroom, packed up my bag for the day and took my backpack to a store front that stored luggage. I had ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split July 30th 2018

We loved Split so much last year, we decided to go again and take Murray's parents. We enjoyed the beaches close by and ventured to Brac Island on a few day trips. We went to Bol beach on Brac island, which was a definite highlight. Stunningly beautiful, it is a peninsular with limestone rocks on the beach. The water was an amazing blue/green. Although typically the beach was crowded, it was definitely worth it. We went to another beach on Brac Island on another day, Supetar. There were a few bays to choose from, but the kids had their eyes set on the aqua park. It was a lot of fun, although a test of my lack of upper body strength and I was covered in bruises afterwards. We did really enjoy it and it was ... read more
Kids enjoying Bol beach, Brac Island
Enjoying a swim at Bol beach with the girls, Brac Island
Enjoying a swim at Bol beach, Brac Island

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 22nd 2018

June 22, 2018. Episode 2: Craving Croatia A zest for life isn’t confined to France. This past week we have been in Croatia, where we have met more friendly people that enjoy the good life. Shaped like the open jaws of a dragon (in lateral view!), Croatia is located in the south Eastern corner of Europe. It has a complex history and something of a split personality. The “upper jaw” includes the capital, Zagreb. The landscape features mountains, meadows and forests. The people have a serious work ethic and they eat hearty Hapsburg-inspired food. The “lower jaw” is dominated by the wonderful Dalmatian coastline - a more liberal, laid back area. Lapped by the Adriatic sea, it is a sun-drenched holiday destination, dotted with islands and with large throngs of tourists. It features handsome ancient old ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 3rd 2018

Last day waking up on the boat. Kirsten of course got up and hit the shower. When she returned we were hoping to have a nice breakfast prepared for us today, but this island had no real breakfast spots, just coffee shops. However, they served our favorite breakfast: chocolate croissants. So Dan got his coffee and Chester and Kirsten added on a few more pounds. We made our way back to the boat and Kirsten was summoned by last night's waiter to where we had our drinks a few hours before. The waiter asked her if she had had drinks here last night, and she said yes. He responded, "We have a very big problem." Kirsten is thinking WTF, we paid our bill. Then the waiter held up a credit card. Actually it was her debit ... read more
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