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18th September 2015

Terimakasih atas artikel anda yang menarik dan bermanfaat. Saya juga mempunyai tulisan yang sejenis yang bisa anda kunjungi di pariwisata
From Blog: Gili Air
29th September 2014

What tour company did you use when you went to see the orangutans in PalangkaBun. Thanks
2nd August 2014

Wow, you must feel very privileged to be among the very few people who have been able to have this life altering experience. Your amazing pictures will help to sustain the wonderment Of those days.
25th July 2014

Wow you made it. Looks like Alex is holding up the statue. Enjoy.
From Blog: Jakarta
25th July 2014

About Jakarta blog entry
Very entertaining writing style Alex. Your remark about aging bodies made me laugh. Everything is relative I guess.
From Blog: Jakarta
17th October 2012

your hostel in Cartagena
Would be interested in knowing the name of the hostel you stayed in while visiting Cartagena. It sounds nice from your description.
From Blog: Cartagena
20th February 2013

Sorry for the REALLY late reply to your question but we stayed at the El Viajero hostel in Cartagena. I would highly recommend it!
From Blog: Cartagena
23rd September 2011

nice pics
hey! awesome pictures of the hills and the highway :). Read your write up on Leh as well....happen to read about it while browsing for information on Leh... happy travelling! Shweta
From Blog: Leh-Manali Road
8th August 2011

"Ye hai India, darling."
this is India. I read your blog with a smile and sometimes surprise. I have read some blogs about India and been there once but it still surprises me. I hope you guys enjoy your travel. please keep up writing, it is enjoyable to read.
From Blog: Delhi
8th August 2011

India looks like a lot of fun!
Your trip to India looks super exciting so far. Enjoy the rest of the adventure! Mike
8th August 2011

Sounds Very Interesting
It's amazing how much of your trip reminds me of Egypt and Peru. The living traffic mob with no seat belts is something that Peru taught us to begrudgingly accept (or at least deal with). It's almost like the honking is it's own language! The smell thing (from good to bad in the same breath) is very apparent in Egypt. Actually, it is a smell I will never forget. Sometimes in Toronto we walk past a sewer vent or something and it brings the whole trip flooding back into my memory! I know what you mean by being overwhelmed and trapped near your hotel on the first day. When we first landed in Cairo we were the same way. When we got to our hotel in the evening we decided to go for a walk about, but only walked around the block... wherever we could go without crossing the street! We were stuck in the middle of the biggest city in Africa and unable to even cross a bloody street! Embarrassing, yes, but normal I think. Everyone we talked to said basically the same thing, but it is a sort of culture shock you get over. Anyways, this sounds like a great adventure. Enjoy the rest of your travels! M
From Blog: Delhi
25th July 2011

miss u!
i just want to point out how alex is ahead of the game with the hair growth this time...cant wait to hear more guys..xoxo be safe
25th July 2011

Glad to hear you have arrived safely and are enjoying your first few days. Great blog, keep up the good work....reading your blog is the only vacation I'm getting this summer.
8th August 2009

My daughter adjisted her first real horse (donkey) at Belcam many years ago, we arrived to look at the property in the midst of the annual auction - it was being run with german precisian and it seemed not one horse dared to look 'unkempt'. She had come up from Melbourne where the show jumping fraternity and told the move to Qld was the end...many years later she is very much in the thick of it and I have to say Uli and Sue - and the brazillian sj Sandro Mello when he was there - have shown nothing but generosity and support to my daughter as a young riding...for certianly no financial gian. Uli is a very accomplished equestrian and has really promoted Qld show jumping. I hope you enjoyed Australia and come back soon....
From Blog: Belcam Farm
21st June 2009

Figs! They're everywhere!!
We saw exactly the same fig tree thing in the Peruvian jungle. The fig fruit gets eaten by a bird and then pooed out onto another tree where the seed takes hold. Eventually it is bigger than the tree and kills it off. They must live for a long time for the tree to have entirely rotted away!
20th June 2009

I love Janis she is a beauty too bad you can't bring her home .
From Blog: ­Brisbane
27th March 2009

Not deceivers ... just travellers
Don't know what this guy's problem is. We found Skopje to be a fascinating old city with a sense of renewal in the aftermath of the Yugoslavia break-up. It was one of the poorest capital cities we visited in Europe but the people seemed to get on reasonably well. If this is about the country calling itself Macedonia then this is indeed ridiculous. I fully support their right to identify themselves with the ancient Macedonians of the region and do not believe they have any ulterior motives of domination over the Macedonia regions of Greece and Bulgaria.
From Blog: Macedonia
27th March 2009

I think Jay and Alex were ignorant in saying a village in Macedonia was Skopje even adding "beautiful" city. This is the beautiful city of Skopje http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Skopje,_FYR_Macedonia.jpg , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skopje , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Skopje_1.JPG To the people please check these links and anyone with a sense of knowledge will see how ignorant and one sided this blog is. And again to Jay and Alex please tell me (email) what your reason was for LYING! about Macedonia, and deceiving people about Macedonia.
From Blog: Macedonia
3rd March 2009

Just in time.......
Glad to have found your blog. We're leaving for Istanbul next week and we're very excited about this trip. Been there 12 years ago, and knew I just had to go back. Should have been sooner, I know. Thanks for sharing!
From Blog: Istanbul
16th February 2009

horse buggy
I reckon its pretty easy to park one of those buggies. Can't say i've tried though!
From Blog: Albania
7th February 2009

those were great......keep going, I'm dying to see the Greece Christmas pictures and the horse farm in Australia...I want to come to turkey with you when you go back
19th December 2008

I just saw your blog Looks like your having fun. Thanks for Sharing Nicole ,EA from Adss
From Blog: Macedonia
10th December 2008

No I don't think Lauretta plans to cut any hair while on vacation. Alex is growing it out for coolness!
7th December 2008

Dubrovnik is sure beautiful.....I gather where you are isn't this nice because you sounded so less than impressed when we skiped. Is Lauretta bringing hair cutting implements to Greece?
3rd December 2008

haha, it never ends from what I understand

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