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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska July 4th 2015

Rano rychla sprcha a smer ranajky na terasu. Domaci prave polieval kvetiny, tak prerusil pracu a spravil mi syrove toasty (6ks). Vyplacam izbu a smer bus stanica. Na stanici ladujem este do seba toasty. Zacina mi byt volako divno. Prichadza bus. Pytam sa ci ide na makarsku. Vraj hej ale mam este pockat s nastupom. Jedna baba ide tiez takze mi stacilo ju len sledovat. K busu prichadza australsky par, idu do splitu, pytaju sa sofera ci tam ide. Jasne ale ide cez medzigurie. To sa im dako nezda. Este asi tri krat sa ho pytaju ci ide do splitu, furt je odpoved rovnaka. Stale vahaju, sofer to uz nezvlada a hovori,ze bud idu alebo nie. Tak nastupuju, Bus je prazdny, kopa miesta na nohy. Mne je furt divno, obcas az na vracanie. V medzigori idem ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska January 14th 2015

After a beautiful drive along the coast of Croatia we stopped in Makarska, what a find! We had spent time in both Split and Dubrovnic but this is by far my favorite city in Croatia. Not being Season ( as they call it there) not sure when "Season" starts or ends but we were not there in "Season" so finding a hotel open is a little harder. But within a few minutes we found a wonderful hotel right on the water, with views of the harbour, highly recommend Aparthotel Miramere. Beautiful fishing village with fresh fish every morning! There is a ferry to the 3 islands for a wonderful day trip. We will be returning here to spend a week or longer. Absolutly loved it!... read more
Fresh Fish

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska January 14th 2015

After goodbyes to new found friends in Debrota Montenegro we set off at 11 am planning to stop in Neum Bosnia. But best laid plans are not always the best, arrived in Neum by 1:30 ish, but could not find any place open to spend the night, if I didn't mention before we are travelling with our 9 year old Shi zu bison, Maxx, which makes it harder when looking for accommodations. Travelling in January is not busy season, a good time to find bargins but finding something open is another. So on we travelled passed Neum with no idea where to stop, I didn't want to stop in Split as we had stopped there on our way to Montenegro, so I get the map out. There is a new highway through Croatia now, easy, not ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska September 21st 2012

Am fruehen Morgen ging's dann los. Wunderschoenes Wetter, hoch & runter immer der Kueste entlang. Merke: das Meer muss immer rechts sein. Wichtig fuer mich weil mein Orientierungssinn ungefaehr dem von ner Seegurke entspricht. Allerdings haett ich wirklich wenigstens n paar km fahren sollen vorher. "Am Schluss tat mir mein Ars*** schlimm weh / Hielt das Ganze nicht mehr fuer sooo ne gute Idee. So koennt man das Fahrn mal zusammenfassen. Naja, erst mal das Zelt aufgeschlagen. Und gebadet. Und um 9 ins Bett. Ja wirklich, n bisschen Training haette nicht geschadet. Am andern Tag aber nochmal ausgegangen. Keine Leute alles war noch offen und die Welt war wieder o.k..... read more
... - hab ich mir gesagt
Makarska am fruehen Morgen

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska August 31st 2011

Za górami za lasami, gdzieś w Chorwacji pod palmami ... Biorąc pod uwagę słowa Érica-Emmanuela Schmitta "Codziennie patrz na świat, jakbyś oglądał go po raz pierwszy." To Chorwację oglądałam po raz pierwszy ... Tak naprawdę przez ogromny przypadek, bo razem z Mery miałyśmy jechać do Grecji, ale że wyszło jak wyszło to pojechałyśmy do Chorwacji. Gdzie również było iście jedwabiście. Wiadomo jak wakacje, to wakacje. Podstawą udanych wakacji jest opalenizna. Tak naprawdę to ona świadczy o tym jak długo byczyłeś się na słońcu i jakich środków do opalania używałeś. Osobiście z tego miejsca pragnę zdradzić Wam, że najlepszą i najbardziej długotrwałą opaleniznę uzyskuje się opalając się na oliwkę. Nawet przyśpieszacze opalania "+40 % BRONZE" nie dają takich efektów. Ale pamiętaj! Jeśli należysz do grupy białasów, nie rób tego ... Przez następne dwa tygodnie będziesz chodził różowy ... read more
Kaś & Maryś
Spędzić lato pod palmami

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska August 3rd 2011

Today we woke at the normal time of “whenever the heck we want!” and headed once again upstairs to sun bathe, jumped off the boat and swam, had lunch at 12 – beef casserole and chocolate wafer dessert! Verrrry nice! We arrived in Makarska at about 1.30 and had a bit of a wander with everyone and then split up and El and I headed initially to a cafe for an iced coffee and tea, smashed some skype then headed off for a wander! The busiest island we have been to so far! Just one long beach with like a million people all crammed together on it! But the coolest beach! It had a bouncy castle in the ocean, massages on the beach, jet skis for hire and all water sports, paragliding, bars galore and lots ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska October 13th 2010

Today Marina invited Dad to her English class so that the kids could practice their English and ask Dad questions about America. The kids were all so excited to have Americans in their class and they were all so cute. Dad wore his Hawaiin shirt and the kids were giggling at him, saying that he was from Hawaii. They asked him all kinds of questions about California and wether or not he knew any celebritys. Then he sang them a song on the piano. It was so fun to get to see how excited kids are to be in school here. They love to learn English and aren't shy or afraid to ask questions. There was one kid who would classify as the "class clown" and he was cracking us up. It was a really fun, ... read more
Marina's Class
Marina's Class
Marina's Class

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska August 20th 2009

Spent the first 2 weeks of August on vacation in Croatia. We drove down in Dan's 1987 WV Golf (no air conditioning!) and then cruised around Croatia, stopping in Cirk-Venica, Biograd, Split, Zadar, Makarska and Plitvice. Awesome time!... read more
People dancing as the party boat goes by
The party boat
Photo 10

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska July 18th 2009

The drive along the coastal road from Sukosan to Tucepi was quite the experience! The scenery was breathtaking and the drivers a little crazy on a road that kind of resembles the Cabot Trail. There were a few spots to stop to take pics and I managed to get a few good ones. Along the way we stopped at Trogir - a small town designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. It was, like so many places here, beautiful and a contrast in time. On the one hand there are these amazing ancient churches and castle and on the other hand modern and luxurious yachts tied up at the marina just in front of the old city. We arrived at Tucepi at around 2 pm - it is only a few minutes drive past Makarska and ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Makarska August 2nd 2008

Geo: 43.302, 17.0158We were pretty excited this morning. At midday we left our apartment and headed to the harbour and boarded our sail boat. There were 30 of us and the crew. Dee and I shared a room at the front of the boat. It was so tiny! After unloading the bags into our rooms, we gathered in the dining room- lunch time! Lunch was fantastic and a really big meal. The food was all prepared in the kitchen by a local woman and was yummy. As we ate lunch we sailed away from Split along the coast towards Makarska. There wasn't much to do on the boat except lounge around, read a book, play cards, listen to an i-pod, chat or have a few quiet ones- there was a bar on board. The first optional ... read more
02 Coast
03 Mountains
04 Deck chair

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