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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik March 6th 1972

Day 24 - Monday 6th March The weather would be an important factor in deciding whether to hitch-hike from Dubrovnik and unfortunately it was raining. We decided to head for the road and see what happens. Whilst walking through the centre, we met a couple of English lads heading south and a large group of English heading home after finishing a boat tour. Michael tried hitching but with absolutely no luck, which we attributed to the fairly constant and occasionally heavy rain. So it was quickly to Plan B. The bus to Kotor left at 12 noon and the Japanese lad from yesterday was there at the bus station - his name was Tamio. The road edged around the fiord and provided extremely beautiful views. We decided not to stay in Kotor but to head further ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik March 5th 1972

Day 23 - Sunday 5th March A good night's sleep. The room looked out over some palm trees and an orange tree but alas this scene was not reflected in today's weather - cloudy, overcast and threatening. First stop of the day was a pastry shop for a coffee and two delicious cakes. Tony was leaving for Athens today. We walked to the harbour and then along a oneway street in search of main road to Kotor - he was planning to hitch-hike. We walked for 4Km right under the cliffs and admired the magnificent coastline. There were a few more western travellers around in Dubrovnik and we stopped for a friendly chat with a group of five - American, Argentinian and British. At last we arrived at a reasonable hitching point and I left Tony ... read more

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