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September 29th 2005
Published: May 17th 2006
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If this were my view when I dried my clothes...maybe I would do my laundry more often
Dober Dahn friends,
Well well our last few days in Croatia were spent very well indeed. After leaving the island of Brach we went to a Davis cup match ( Team tennis semifinals Croatia vs Russia) Croatia won which was really monumental because they have never made it to the much energy in the stadium and great tennis. They all sang and danced after match...
We then headed to the island of Korculla...We again met a crazy guy offering us a room...he said it was only 300 meters from turned out to be about 2 kilomters...oh and by the way he wanted us to SHARE a twin no...we got a ride back to the center of town where we met this awesome Croatian guy who lived in Australia most of the year. He had the craziest Croatian/Australian accent...Every once in a while he'd drop a Oi Mate...he was really funny...he helped us find a room and everything turned great....
We then headed to the other side of the island...where we had heard there was this crazy hostel called the "Happy Hostel" it is run by none other than a South African...WE hit it off really

Best people watching in Croatia...
well and had a crazy night enjoying some lovely Croatian Spiced rum and playing drinking games with some Ausies...
Our roomates that night were two english girls, both Theology majors. I decided it would be a good idea to hit on them...After miserably failing...I was later informed what I said to goes a little something like this .."Did I mention I was a prince?" to which they responded with blank stares....I then tried a different route by saying "What I mean is, My fathers a king." I realy don't know what I meant at the time or what I was trying to say. But our Ausie friends thought it was really funny and teased me for about 3 days afterwords...Moral of the story...if they say they're THEOLGY Majors...don't hit on them...Unfortunately Happy was closing his hostel the next go to Thailand and open another hostel there. We are deffinitely goin to go to the happy hostel when we get to Kopipi, Thailand....
We left the Korculla on a Ferry for Dubrovonick..which we almost missed... They were actually retracting the big metal door when i came running up with a bag full of groceries... and they luckily
Das WallDas WallDas Wall

Romantic walk on the wall
stopped...When they say the ferry leaves at 1pm they mean it. Thus this continues our streak of barely making boats, busses and trains... It's not fun unless you're running to make the ferry...Some things never change.
We go into Dubruvonick mid day and were again attacked by little old men and women asking us if we wanted "Apartment,? Zimmer?. Sobe?" Check the pictures...We found a great little apartment in the center of old town. The little old lady that we stayed with even did my laundry and hung it out to dry...I bought her a big bouque of flowers...What a nice lady...hope she doesn't get the wrong idea.. Dubruvonick is an old Venetian city...thus it looks a lot like Venice...Little alleys, marble streets that looked like they've been polished..a lot of churches and litte restaurants, but no canals...The city is surrounded with a big wall that was used to protect it in the 1300's and in 1991 when Serbia attacked the city but because of the walls the city was completely prtocete...Lloyd and I took a nice walk around the wall at suset... I have some great pictures. Ahh how romantic...again another moment that I wish lloyd were a girl. Just kiding...One of the coolest things about the city is the main street...."Stradum" the locals take theyre nightly stolls up and down this street around sunset...drinking coffe, saying hello, people watching, and just getting some excercise. There is this feeling that one gets alomst instantly when they arive in a city that they really like..Dubrovonick was deffinitely one of those cities...
We are now heading to Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro...One country to nations...I expect it to be someting like Russia, but who knows...
Miss you all

Additional photos below
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Our ApartmentOur Apartment
Our Apartment

Not bad huh? 12 dollars a night
Apartment guyApartment guy
Apartment guy

Failed attempt at finding an aparment...but look he strapped our backpcaks to the ROOF!!!
Apartment huntingApartment hunting
Apartment hunting

This is what you see when you get off a boat, trian or bus in Croatia...Little ladies yelling..

Some big ass Feet and oh yeah a beautiful sunset...
Our beachOur beach
Our beach

Picture from Brach of this little beach lloyd and i read and chilled on...we were the only people in bathing suits.

Us at the stadium..did I mention they sold hard liquor in bottles at the stadium...we didn't buy any i swear

the alley leading up to our apartment...
Wall shotWall shot
Wall shot

Over the wall of dubruvonick

2nd October 2005

Adam, I wish I was traveling with you. It looks like a great time. Be careful and have fun.
4th October 2005

Adam, how fun is your life! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us! Great job with the pictures and updates. I'll be looking forward to more!
11th May 2006

Love of Dubrovnik
I just love that town too, ever since I went there 1st time, back in '89... But, I noticed one thing... 68% of the buildings being destroyed... Naah, maybe 6,8%, from what my Dubrovnik friends told me... And it was all outside the old town... Nevertheless, A MUST SEE if you're in Croatia!!

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