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September 17th 2015
Published: December 13th 2017
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Geo: 42.6537, 18.0948

We apologize but it was hard to let go of the lakes, so our first picture is of our residence at the lakes on the road to Dubrovnik.

Now Bird insists we inform you of the road down the interior of Croatia. The climate is semi-arid, much like interior California or Spain, which surprised us. Little will grow except a few scrubs punctuated by the occasional sheep with the associated herder and his staff. Some air head insisted on not purchasing $5.50 gas so we eventually located a station with 6 Kilometers left in the tank (about three miles). And the gas was an amazing five cents cheaper per gallon. Bird also demands we relate there were seventeen tunnels on this five hour trip. The road may be the greatest expense this country has incurred, but don't worry for them, it's a toll road and they extracted $20. from us.

Dubrovnik is a fully walled city built in the seventh century by the East Roman Empire, and we think eventually becoming part of the Venetian. Although we are not sure, it seems likely they were attacked by the Turks. We do know the city was never conquered, earning it a reputation as one of the most formidable medieval cities.

This walled city has now become highly commercialized, owing to the intactness of the structures and therefore ease of continuing use. Nonetheless, the old city is clearly discernable within its wall, and is quite large. Folks live here, hang their wash in alleys, and there are a great many shops, restaurants and businesses. Several churches are also present.

A walk on the top of the wall is available, which we felt we were a bit late to undertake tonight, but will attack fully tomorrow, hoping for some golden hour pictures about the top of the wall. We'll see.

Finally we will note the change in the temperature. Until arriving in Croatia we have been wearing long pants with an occasional light jacket. That has ended. On the drive down we encountered a temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, which for folks in the US is known as 93. We now at 11:10 pm sit outside on a patio in shorts, one of us without a shirt and the other in a ponytail (can you guess which one).


17th September 2015

How did you get a ponytail Fred? Do they have hair implants or are you wearing a wig?? I knew Sheila would take her shirt off somewhere & show off??. What's with the " wish you were here" ?? You didn't ask me to go??
18th September 2015

Mike, would you ask you to go???

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