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November 20th 2016
Published: June 28th 2017
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I was really dreading this trip... Actually when we were looking into coming to Bosnia this trip and the one from Kotor to Mostar, were the two trips that made me a bit unsure about going to Bosnia at all... Since we did manage to turn the 9hour Kotor-Mostar journey into a 3hour one, we were hoping we would survive this loooong journey as well... 6+ hours... Still didn't like the sound of that tho... Read Full Entry

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28th June 2017
Grič Tunnel

Artsy shot
30th June 2017
One more please?

One more please
A teaser of a pic! Look forward to the news Anna. And what a beautiful place is Zagreb to enjoy the expectation.
15th November 2017
One more please?

One more please
Yes, Zagreb sure is beautiful, even though we didn't really give it full attention it deserved... A bit late with responding as you can see... What can I say, the last few months were a bit hectic... as the day after I posted the last blog, we became a family of 4! Welcoming to the world our son Daniel :)

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