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December 16th 2018
Published: December 19th 2018
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Dear All Greetings from London! I am not currently travelling, but have just returned from a short three-night visit to the nearby Channel Island of Jersey! I plan to write up my mini-adventure there in two blog entries, after having had a really lovely time there, despite (although actually often because of) pretty much the worst weather that the island could offer. It was refreshing, invigorati... Read Full Entry

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Devil's Hole to Greve de LecqDevil's Hole to Greve de Lecq
Devil's Hole to Greve de Lecq

Ile Agois, this was possibly the site of an Iron Age monastic community
Jersey NumberplateJersey Numberplate
Jersey Numberplate

Approaching Greve de Lecq
Classic Cars!Classic Cars!
Classic Cars!

Greve de Lecq
Classic Car!Classic Car!
Classic Car!

Greve de Lecq
Lobster PotsLobster Pots
Lobster Pots

Greve de Lecq
Fishing BoatFishing Boat
Fishing Boat

Greve de Lecq

21st December 2018
Amazing Sunset!

We will add this location to our travel plans.
21st December 2018
Amazing Sunset!

It is indeed quite a unique island. Although they get many tourists in the summer, I do believe not many Americans make it there. I'm sure it would be very interesting for you.
21st December 2018

Jersey- not the new one
Certainly the confusion makes must sense. The brisk weather makes it all the more appealing. We had weather like that on the Isle of Man. Loved your detailed comparison to New Jersey. The museum sounds fantastic. I'm fascinated by all the detail you've offered and you have piqued our interest. Brandy is a fine way to end the day.
21st December 2018

"Old" Jersey!
Indeed, connected in name - I love the historical connections between the Old and the New Worlds. Oh wow, you have been to the Isle of Man! I dare say you may have seen more of these British Isles than me 😊
21st December 2018

I really enjoyed reading this blog!!
In particular I was interested in the history...the Vikings who were the Normans. Last year I had my DNA tested and it turns out that I am 39% Scandinavia. Only my Grandfather Carlsen was 100% Scandinavian which would account for 25%, so I was curious where the other 14% came from. Recently, I've been able to track my Mom's Northcote/Northcott English ancestry back...all the way to Galfridus de Northcote, a Norman knight who came to England with William the Conqueror, and whose manor and lands were in Devon. He and his descendants were part of the Norman aristocracy, who intermarried, thus keeping their genetic makeup undiluted for centuries. So I believe that this is where the other 14% came from. I've been reading about English history since 1066, and have just finished reading "The Plantagenets" (King Edward I is my 21 times great grandfather). I plan to visit Devon in 2019 to see where my ancestors lived and were buried.
21st December 2018

Thank you Bob for reading 😊 How amazing to have been able to trace your ancestry so far back, and also finding out that you're a direct descendant of royalty 😊 I'm sure indeed with the surname Carlsen you must also have some Scandinavian origins in there. I have much interest at the moment in Scandinavia, I'll hopefully be able to travel to explore this interest further, soon. I'm sure a visit to Devon for you would be wonderful to help you connect with your origins and family past.

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