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Europe » Bulgaria » West September 9th 2023

At dinner last night we decided that instead of travelling 25kms to Dimitrovgrad, we'd travel 50kms to Dragoman into Bulgaria, making the following day to Sofia much more manageable. It was also the fact we couldn't find any available accommodation in Dimitrovgrad which helped force this decision. We had breakfast at the hotel and left just after 8am. We had to ride the 25kms to Dimitrovgrad and then there were two climbs similar to yesterday to negotiate before coasting downhill into Dragamon. Well, part one of ride to Dimitrovgrad was plain sailing and easy riding. As we left town and started up the hill that are route was indicating, an old bloke sitting on his porch said the road we were on stopped just up ahead. We had a dilemma. We decided we'd ride along the ... read more
Pretty street in Dimitrovgrad
Between borders
Climbing in Bulgaria

Europe » Bulgaria » West July 4th 2015

South Western Bulgaria We entered Bulgaria from Macedonia on Bulgaria’s west. Crossing into Bulgaria we were checked more thoroughly than anywhere else so far. Later we read that the Macedonians and Bulgarians crossed each other of the Christmas card lists some time back. The exit from Macedonia was manned by border police and customs agents. Each made separate inspections of the vehicle as well as the Carte Gris ( French ownership certificate) and original Green Card insurance. The customs guy sought assurance that all the equipment was for personal use. Then we moved across no-man’s land to the Bulgarians. Another search by customs agent and a long quizzing look at the Carte Gris ( as if they had the slightest clue of what all the French words on it mean) and even longer on the Green ... read more
Bulg countrys
Bulgarian housec92_m

Europe » Bulgaria » West July 17th 2008

Bulgaria's beauty is unparalleled and I wish I had more time during training to camp out and appreciate the view from the summits. It is not always an easy hike, often having to tread new ground, prying apart branches obstructing your path, paying close attention to the sudden apparance of cliffs along the way and experience dramatic changes in elevation. But being a city girl and enduring the sweltering heat as I summount one rock after the next, I am proud to say I now that what can be eaten in nature. The wild strawberries are absolutely delectable as are the kicelos, I have no idea what these are in English, but they make yoghurt out of it and it is really sour in nature. Bulgarians really like it, I believe it is an acquired taste. ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » West July 15th 2008

It's my first time teaching English as a second language and there are some trials and tribulations mostly the language barrier of not yet being fluent in Bulgarian. Thus, the need for pictoral representations is even further stressed, as if it wasn't already with the younger kids. The problem here however is that Bulgarians in general, and yes, I am stereotyping here, are terrible drawers. Pictionary is a sure flop every time and I have yet to learn that lesson. The biggest obtacle in all seriousness is the presence of multi-leveled classes, where there are, at least in my training site, two or three studens that are up to speed with the textbook whereas the others ae completely lost. Furthermore, phrases like "have you got a rubber" from their awful British textbooks does not ameliorate the ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » West July 13th 2008

A word on the food in Bulgaria - those of you foreign to the idea of oil-induced salty foods, steer clear. Well-cooked meats, also known as kuftetas are always present at the dinner table as well. The food is not bad and I've grown quite a liking to the hot peppers here. My favorite preparation involves garlic and vinegar. The peppers are first roasted and then soaked in the sauce. Bread also accompanies every meal and though supplied in loaf form, resembles the French baguette. It is frequently used to soak up the sauces at the end of a meal, or it is fed to the animals, one way or another, the food ever goes to waste. Being a vegetarian is not difficult and because meats are generally more expensive, fresh fruits and vegetables from the ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » West » Vratsa August 27th 2005

We finally leave Brasov quite late in the afternoon after last emails to Robin’s parents arranging for replacement bank cards etc. We cycle for a meagre 13 miles but it feels so good to be cycling again and we find a lovely camp site near the main road but back up near the woods and a river. The land is for sale so this actually translates in Romania to a free camp site that is already well dotted with Romanian families camped for what looks like a good while, all with their own camp fires. We pitch our new tent and gather fire wood for cooking dinner and thank the fact that in Romania it is normal to camp and have fires just about anywhere where there is wood - including in state forests right next ... read more
Bucegi Ascent
Above the Clouds

Europe » Bulgaria » West November 30th 1940

still don't know that i want to post this, especially considering that the last post was kind of negative.? oh what the hell, my camera won't connect so i am stuck with writing and this is a day in the life of clay! some of the locals have asked why i am wearing a whistle. my standard reply has been to mimic climbing a rock, and then pretending a fall. that is followed by twisting my body like i broke my leg and neck. they laugh and say good (i am amazed they get it but it was confirmed). today, however, i used it for a different reason. in the lovely setting ot tourist trap Nesebar, bulgaria, i went to change 50 US$ for a great rate, or so i thought. after i gave the 50, ... read more

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