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July 17th 2010
Published: July 17th 2010
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Right.. Bulgaria.. week one.

Everything has been pretty good and worked out really well. We arrived on Sunday and had a few days chilling and getting used to Bulgaria before we have started volunteering in the Street Centre.

Varna is definitely an upcoming city and is becoming more and more westernised every year. This time 20 years ago it was still under Soviet control and was really poor, dangerous and scummy!

We are staying in X Hostel, which is in between Varna and Golden Sands and is a really nice and friendly hostel to stay at. There are both lone travellers and people interrailing in groups coming every day and we have felt really welcome here. There is a small beach about 15minute walk from the hostel, which is conveniently not that busy so is quite nice to go to.

It is difficult trying to find the non touristy parts though.. we have been successful in Varna where the Street Centre is located near to the Bulgarian Centre, so everything is a lot cheaper than over on the Sea Garden. The only difficulty is that nobody speaks English.. so it has been really difficult to sort things out. In the Street Centre there is only one English speaking woman so on our first day we were so confused as with what was going on!

Dom Gavroche is a centre taking in Children in Varna when their parents can't look after them.. some of them come in for the day and some of them are permanently there. We go in the morning and play with them for a few hours and usually stay till 3ish, when they either go home or go for a nap.. by then we are all knackered anyway after playing chase me constantly!

Public transport is relatively good and cheap., there is a reliable bus service going from near to the hostel to both Varna and Golden Sands which costs 1.60 leva that is about 80p.

Right that will do for now.. I will keep in touch.


17th July 2010

Well done Megz. Looks like you've got nicely settled in. How's the weather?. How's the food? How's the partying?. Or do you get to bed early every night. Wil ring soon. Love you. Dad xxxx
18th July 2010

Hi Megan
Megan - so good to see you are still your old self - always putting other people first! Sorry I have been so bad in contacting you - it's been a tough old year really but we're poodling along. I hope the course is going well for you - let us know! Take care in Varna too. Mr B
19th July 2010

so good
hope you ok have fun x

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