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April 16th 2010
Published: April 16th 2010
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My bulgarian familyMy bulgarian familyMy bulgarian family

Meta georgie and I
In order to placate my son I've spelt it the english way.The other is however an alternative(See dictionary) showing my american roots! Anyway any how you spell it it has mostly disapeared.Some recurrence but not on heavy infestations and in fact it is possible that these were later developments.After discussion with the builder I don't intend to waterproof the walls but instead use a new state of the art weatherproof/insulating addition to the paint before final repaint.Valizar saw it at the' ideal home'(equivalent) exhibition in Sofia.Though expensive it should save time and therefore money that way in the end. Another good news item is that my precious funds have been returned to me at last(3 months after they were requested) and so things here are on the up.Next stage will be to finish off the few things from the first work before moving on to revamp conservatory(remove old cement sink,rusty iron cupboard and replace the tiles with those used for the floor.) Then fit lamp fittings to all but lounge and create an ensuite bathroom for my bedroom from the attached outhouse.All of this theoretically before the end of May! Not holding my breath.I hope they can refinish/cambre and tile the

Waiting for the meal
top terrace while I'm away in Cornwall as there will be little inconvenience to me then. M+G have agreed to look after Bottie and Kooochie but this can be done from downstairs allowing work to proceed un -hindered upstairs. Spring is now fully in and though still cold am and pm we have had some good sunshine.I also spent a nice easter day with my adoptive family(M+G+) and the animals there have also continued to reproduce so now 2 lambs and 2 kids+ adolescent kitten and youngster. Ticks are back but I'm being very vigilant now after last year's upset and Scruffy is included in the regular inspections.That's about it for now.Lots to do before holiday but at least things are moving in the right direction and my health is still good despite the earlier falls in the winter.

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Easter mealEaster meal
Easter meal

First course followed by Kusenak
Cute or whatCute or what
Cute or what

Bottie sneaks in on Koochie's favourite perch(couch)

Koochie exits past the plant getting an outside airing

First group of purchases
and againand again
and again

Another view of the last plant of first group of purchases.

Another in first group

First group
Latest purchases 3 phalsLatest purchases 3 phals
Latest purchases 3 phals

Last of spring orchid purchases
easy on the eyeeasy on the eye
easy on the eye

Roadside beauty

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