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September 12th 2009
Published: September 15th 2009
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Much has happened since my last entry.Kids visit went very well, enabling me to be a tourist again and also passenger in my own car most of the time.Thanks Stu.
Dog had a type of mildly virulent mange and has progressed well after a series of vet visits and medication.travelling to there in car was messy BUT EVENTUALLY WITH PERSEVERANCE WE MANAGED A TRIP TO kAMCHIA,YUNETS AND BOYANA IN ONE DAY with only dribble to contend with!Will aim to take her on small' pleasant' runs in the future from time to time to keep conditioning going whilst maintaining her semi-wild status.
We all went to V. Turnovo on the first Sat. before saying goodbye to Sven and Clare travelling on the next day to Sofia and then Athens.Unlike the first visit in Oct 2006, it was extremely hot and even I struggled a little with completing round trip at Tsaravets (fort) but views from the top of the tower(via lift - small charge) made it worth it. We had a prolonged time in a restaurant owing to boys having to get car and Sven taking some pics. however the staff were very helpful and courteous over the wait.We hoped to catch the light show that evening, but they were not doing it so i fell asleep at the hostel(captured on film by samantha!)Joy of joys the next day we left with those who inhabited the dorm scatching like crazy and S+C getting help for bedbugs.Hikers hostel check that dorm.After the departure of S+C we completed visits to other places they saw last year.Good fun.Also managing Varna beach and sunbathing/pool at 24.
Biggest problem of our sightseeing I would say was on the day we departed for Rusenski Lon National Park.Attempting to purchase a map in Russe and see roman fort was a nightmare and ended up with views of loads of one-way streets,mad drivers,lack of meaningful signs, and never finding either place.A relief to be heading for the park.After retracing our steps we eventually went off road in the park and had a lovely time near the stream at eagle cave. I even tried riding in the boot having got soaked in the river whilst cooling off in a small pool.Got lovely photos of area too and video of off-roading from back of the car!
I now realise it would require a long day there to see it all as you have to keep trying to go from different directions.Neither did we see some of the billed attractions so 'on hold' till another time.Think an overnite would be useful in future.A map certainly would .As you may have deduced I'm now back writing from home after purchasing a more modern laptop. After problems re connecting the modem I was eventually talked through the various stages from a very patient engineer who put up with my fumbling and about an hour later got me back on line.Congratulations to M-tel who, after a less than helpful reception at their Dobrich store ,managed to restore my faith in decency and customer care.
In the course of travelling with Sam and Stu also got to see Dryanovo monastery and the bat cave.Lovely situation though cave only partially viewed as depths could only be seen as part of an official guided tour.(min of 19 people). Altogether a great vacation with the weather obligingly hot (too much so at times) and only one mild storm.Lots of pictures taken and some interesting ones from in the stone forest the other place all 5 of us viewed. Now looking forward to December in Belfast once I find my driving licence or get a replacement.No idea where or when it dissapeared but currently searching clothes worn,furniture ,car and other places.If no joy then will look to other less likely places. In the meantime will carry my passporte and document part of driving licence in case of police stops.These will remain in the glove compartment!! Maybe too late but i do learn from my mistakes. Lots more happening but I now have to complete harvesting apples and grapes(for more Rakia).Already sitting at 80 L plum. Winter should be interesting.Regards to all supergran.


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