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August 6th 2009
Published: August 6th 2009
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At least I think it should be upwards.Looking forward to family visit - not long now and have devised possible excursions to use time wisely.Travelling will have to be early am or later evening as in between is a nightmare with our weather. We are in the process of laying down plum Rakia for winter cold offsetting! Never fear there will be some for Belfast at Xmas and Cornwall in June!! Even we can't drink 50L of plum and of course grape to follow.Gillian and Peter got good weather with some nightime storms and we have had the odd one since following 50C days!! In our case it has been welcome to feed crops.The cat and dog continue in good health although the latter seemed to have an allergic reaction as I did from grasses when clearing vineyard weeds. Thankfully both of us are on the mend.Eon continue to be a nightmare to pay although I'm informed somehow I'm clear till this month since meter was read 3 weeks ago and no money has passed over the counter I'm not holding my breath! The other major downside to bulgaria is the maurauding insect life although the non- marauders and birds are absolutely fabulous. All the sunflowers have finished so instead of prairies of yellow we have praries of green and black.Not so inspiring. My pride and joy has been my blowup pool bought last year and used by me daily and ocasionally by Clan meta resident grandchildren,making me feel less greedy at having one and allowing Meta recuperation time!!So useful has it been that i bought another nearly as big today in the Praktiker sale 37.50Lv! Money well spent i reckon. Have also recycled last nights pool water via watering can visits to producing grapevines(exhausting and requiring frequent dips on the way and then this morning ,quite cleverly if I do say so, i found a way to siphon most of the rest to the tomatoes using the normal watering hose!Happy days - a few cells still operational .Blood pressure remains at 140/100 which while not perfect is giving no worries at this time - after all i am 63 so you can't expect perfection.My own computer was a problem as a result of either the intense heat or storm or both,so I'm back to public cafes whilst it gets sorted i hope.Usually if I'm in towns it's with an entourage in tow so lengthy sessions are not appropriate but today i slipped my leash to enjoy time away from the busy workload and constant worries re something or another(what's new - the heat).It's hard to concentrate on anything at the moment during the day. M+G have a new puppy to replace Sianka which I've nicknamed scruffy when pictures can be added it will become evident how the name arose though with some brushing ,deworming and defleaing she is now becoming more presentable in leaps and bounds. Well that's abit of a catchup for those i don't contact regularly.Still very much loving life and most of bulgaria with previous exceptions.
Bye now, supergran


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