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August 8th 2008
Published: August 8th 2008
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Just re read last blog. Sorry that it has been so long since my last update but despite the fact that i'd a lovely visit in Plymouth,enjoyable visit to Koln zoo and still arrived at Romanian border in two days - yet again disaster struck in Romania.Originally my fault when after a tortous time in the dark negotiating road repairs to E70 and numerous traffic light controlled stops, I guess I relaxed too much once on flat ground allowing rear tyre to clip a high parapet. As a result the blow out caused the rear end to swing out and as the car was still driving it went through a hedge and down a steep bank into a cornfield.!Thanks to the height of car off ground and seatbelt I was not injured apart from mild whiplash.However the car front tyre and (wheel rim itself )were shattered. The police came and because it was 10 pm wouldn't do anything but take me to a nearby hotel(no rooms) so back to sleep in boot of car.They said they'd be back next am. In the meantime the road crew that happened to be repairing my stretch of the road couldn't have been more helpful,even with no english exchanged they changed the front tyre for the spare and even tried to haul it up but with one tyre still flat it wouldn't go.One of them summoned a taxi and we went to look for a new tyre.Eventually tracked down a place in turnu severin and I put down 100 lei deposit,so they would order a tyre, and resigned myself to another night in the car, with taxi booked for next am early.However when the police arrived they did not come to me,spoke to the farmer and did not to take any sort of statement.I assumed they would call again to take this.Never make assumptions about Romanians (police anyway) .Meanwhile irrate farmer was shouting at all and sundry the only word I knew being tresspass. So much for a 2nd night's car sleep!He insisted that I move it, even after the crew explained that i would go next day, and with my broken tow rope replaced by a length of wire(attached to the digger's bucket) they drove(!) /dragged it back up the bank.Unfortunately this also damaged the ball joint/ axle necessitating a relay instead of what should just have been an unavoidable delay for a day! A'platforma 'was obtained and for 13000Eu they agreed to tow me all the way to varna. As a tyre was now no longer the answer i abandoned it, cancelled the taxi and eventually after changing towing car and drivers i got to Varna about 3'O clock the next day.My garage wouldn't touch the repair as it was too specific and said go to Nissan(HENCE THE TITLE FAMOUS LAST WORDS).So now I was faced with hiring the same car as before for a month as owing to insurance, 2 weeks for parts and work needed this was about the time frame required.As drivers will guess the insurance refused to pay anything, with no statement from police, so i have had to find all expenses from my own a/cs.There goes the kitchen extension for another year. However I'm now on the point of getting the car hopefully just in time to pick up Pete and co. from the airport sun. am. The first of many family visitors that i am looking forward to seeing.Maybe I can relax then and get to a beach.A rarity this year. As you can imagine wheelie dealing ,banks, garages and making final touches at yunets involving busy builders, has been a great strain.Hope next time will be all good news and maybe photos. Bye for now, supergran.


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