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August 23rd 2010
Published: August 29th 2010
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Day 7-Ruse to Vidin, Bulgaria

Ditto on the weather.

The plan today was to cruise until 2:00pm and then take a road trip to one of the natural wonders of the world. At least we were told that it was nominated to be one of the seven wonders. It came in eighth, I think. Later we were to visit a fortress in the town of Vidin, Bulgaria.

Just after breakfast the ship alarm went off for the ‘obligatory’ evacuation safety test. We had to return to the cabins, get the life vests and return to the designated location. It is just another form of entertainment. Afterwards, it was free time till lunch and then arrival in Vidin. The pier was located right in town.

At 2:00pm we boarded the busses for the village of Belogradchik, Bulgaria. Located there is a natural fortress of rock formations that have been enhanced with other fortifications to develop a useful fort. What was most interesting was that a high-budget movie was being filmed at this site while we were there.

The movie was being made by Italian production company about a Russian story. We think the name of the movie will be “The Captain’s Daughter.” The sets built around the fortress were incredible. The filming was underway as we walked around. I could not believe that they allowed us in and around the sets.

The scenery at the top of the natural fortress was also stunning. There was an outcropping of three large rocks that reminded Jackie and I of the Three Sister formation in Australia that we saw in the Blue Mountains.

After this visit we returned and stopped in Vidin at a man-made fortress on the river. It had a long history of occupation with many changes in the structure over the years.

We then returned to the ship for dinner. After dinner we joined a few friends for a walk into the village. While standing next to a small mall, I noticed that I had Wi-Fi connection on my iPhone. So, Jackie and I got to download some email. Our only problem were the mosquitoes. They were eating us alive. If we entered the mall we lost the signal. So, we did not have a chance to reply to email. But we did try to use Skype and were successful in calling Melissa. The connection was great and without a noticeable delay. The wonders of technology!

Tomorrow is a full day of sailing. We are to pass through two locks, called the “Iron Gates.” We will sail all day and all night. The next stop will be in Belgrade.

Stay tuned for more.. Sorry that I don’t have daily access to the net. When you read this blog you will have several at once. Not as much fun but the only way..


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The fortress at Rock The fortress at Rock
The fortress at Rock

The movie set blends in with the existing theme.

This reminds us of the The Three Sisters.
Movie SetMovie Set
Movie Set

This is based on some Russian classic. We'll check out when we get home.
Movie SetMovie Set
Movie Set

A couple of child actors. Very cute.

30th August 2010

I got worried
Did not hear from you until this weekend........Thought you deceided to remain there with no notifcation. Looks like you are having a wonderful time and your eyes must be full...What wonderful sights. Miss you both Melia and larry

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