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Europe » Bulgaria » Rousse Province » Rousse July 15th 2018

7-15-18 Sunday. Rousse, Bulgaria. Sofija, our charming and efficient tour guide arranged a taxi for us since we were going on a private excursion into the countryside to see some medieval churches in limestone cliffs that have murals. Our driver, George, was a short local man who could speak enough English, was funny and warm, so good company. After passing through farmland and a small village we came to the hilly national park where the churches are. The first one was accessible by a trail that went up to a ridge with valley views and we entered through a narrow passage that had been blasted through the rock into the rear of the church. The original entrance is now a balcony in a vertical rock face a few hundred feet above the valley floor. Originally access ... read more
en route to Church of the Virgin Mary, rock monastery Saint Archangel Michael, Bulgaria
en route to Church of the Virgin Mary, rock monastery Saint Archangel Michael, Bulgaria
en route to Church of the Virgin Mary, rock monastery Saint Archangel Michael, Bulgaria

Europe » Bulgaria » Rousse Province » Rousse April 22nd 2015

Today was our second day in Bulgaria and we were much further east then yesterday so I was interested to see the landscape differences. Our day trip started at 9am, so we had a bit more of a relaxing morning vs. the usual 8:30 (which isn’t bad either!) As I mentioned last night was the ‘farewell dinner’ despite that we are on the ship for one more evening, it ended up being a 3 hour dinner; truthfully those meals are getting a bit too long for me, but I know most people really enjoy that part of the cruise. I just get restless is all, after all I am a social recluse (as I call myself) and let's face it, half the time I would rather be blogging *wink*. We took a short trip from the ... read more
Veliko Tarnovo
Painted dead bodies on bridge - no idea why
Church in Arbanassi

Europe » Bulgaria » Rousse Province » Rousse May 22nd 2011

The weeks are now flying by way too fast for my liking. This time in two weeks, I shall be up in the air on the way back to the UK! Scary stuff! An update from my last week... Spent Sunday relaxing in the 28 degree sunshine and did some documentation and what not while tanning! We decided to go to the supermarket in the afternoon to buy some more resources and gifts for the children at the home as leaving presents. We bought them a wash bag each, filled with their own comb/ brush, a sponge, toothbrush and deoderant for those who used it. We aim to give these to the children before we leave and also leave our reccommendations to the staff and the students of possible interventions they can do with the children ... read more
Happy SURPRISE party!

Europe » Bulgaria » Rousse Province » Rousse March 18th 2011

Monday - The flight was fine, landing at just after 12:00 Bulgaria time. We got our bags and went out for a taxi, (dodging the local people who wanted to take us in their mini busses for just $3 each). The taxi man was really nice (even after Claire tried to get in the taxi, realising once in that she had got in on the drivers side!). He knew some basic English and we were able to test out our Bulgarian which we had speedily learned on the plane. Somehow between the three of us, speaking a combination of English, Bulgarian and German we managed to explain we needed the bus stop in Sofia to then get the bus to Ruse. Driving through Sofia was interesting, very basic and rather grubby with multi-storey flats as the ... read more
View on the bus.
Monument - Angel Kanchev
By the Danube

Europe » Bulgaria » Rousse Province » Rousse August 23rd 2010

Day 7-Ruse to Vidin, Bulgaria 8/23/10 Ditto on the weather. The plan today was to cruise until 2:00pm and then take a road trip to one of the natural wonders of the world. At least we were told that it was nominated to be one of the seven wonders. It came in eighth, I think. Later we were to visit a fortress in the town of Vidin, Bulgaria. Just after breakfast the ship alarm went off for the ‘obligatory’ evacuation safety test. We had to return to the cabins, get the life vests and return to the designated location. It is just another form of entertainment. Afterwards, it was free time till lunch and then arrival in Vidin. The pier was located right in town. At 2:00pm we boarded the busses for the village of Belogradchik, ... read more
Tom at work on a Blog
Crumbling communist buildings
Rock Formation

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