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October 21st 2007
Published: October 21st 2007
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How to describe the feeling of being back in command I don't know better than the title.With more positive reinforcement from tutor and a lot of dedicated revision i managed to start Lesson Five on Friday(time). Part of this was the seclusion I got from going to Yunets Thurs/Fri(am). Trial run for Bottie being fed by Meta also. Byala beach provided a superb start to my revision as the sun beat down on the recumbent form on the pink lilo and with not a sole insight a clotheless one! However the temptation to just sunbathe took over and with the exception ofhaving to be decadent as a solitary fisherman passed on the beach I felt all the tension leave. It was after all 27oC which ain't bad on the 18th of Oct.!! That night I unlocked the gate and ground floor and took the matress,wc , whb and kitchen sink off the van and into the house. I had hoped to lug the matress up to the top bedroom but the lock ,always a tiny bit temperamental, though accepting the key refused to turn and so (having no WD or equiv) I had to put it downstairs along with the other stuff. Then got clean and sand off, to go to the restaurant that night to cont. my self 'pampering.'(Despite having access to a toastie machine and microwave now in the house.) Started for Varna earlyish on Fri( with the remains of last night's white Tagovishte wine corked in its bottle).The 'last rose of summer' accompanied me also tucked into the water bottle to keep it fresh. After my better lesson I then returned home via collection of a delinquent rotovator(repaired under guarantee) and intended fully to cont. outside work in Boyana until I saw weather forecast.3 days rain so not auspicious. I also had found a lizard baby in the flower tubs at Yunets whilst weeding them and it came back to Boyana in a large poly container. The idea was to buy suitable housing and food on Sat in Dobrich(hopefully at the petshop.) By that time I had completely forgotten I was due at village hooley on Sat at 12 so tried to get some food today but shop shut.Despite having nearly been tripping overmyself to avoid jumping -type insects on ground 2 weeks ago, Could I find any this am to tide it over - of course not! Will try worm digging on my return but if nothing by Mon pm will just turn it loose in the garden wall.

So to Sat's revelries. Home-made wine, the protection of mater and the clan, meat soup and hot-dogs went down a treat. Once I brought the camera out I had no shortage of posers and these got their 2 min fame along with general shots of those assembled.The nice thing was that there was not an ounce of resentment against me or my english blood and in fact everyone was most welcoming.2 of the local teenagers performed a traditional Bulgarian dance (quite reminiscant at times of Irish dance steps) a lot of which I managed to capture on the camera's video.Then leaving it to one-side as Mater and daughter draged me up to dance to the only pop type music there was - I let the hair down and went for it. After that it seemed that all the world and his children wanted to join in. Later I was again dragged up to dance one ot their original set dances which was not exacting but fun.So much vino - it just kept coming - that the afternoon passed quickly with a much needed cup of coffee purchased at the shop.The mayor from Valchi Dol was an honoured visitor and with elections on the horizon was making the best of his invitation. I will get the snapshots processed to put on the noticeboard inside the hall for all to see themselves(my contribution) and of course videos plus snaps on to a new CD as last is nearly full already. So my first taste of village entertainment passed very succesfully. Also I gather from gossip that December is to be really cold (presumably with snow)-- predictable since I will be in U.K. then!! Well that's it except to say that I saw my first new born calf on Fri night( born that morning )when I went for the milk. Ciao Supergran


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