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October 16th 2007
Published: October 16th 2007
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Well do you ever have one of those 'lurid' moments when you wonder what you've done, ---I did yesterday when my 4th Bulgarian lesson came to a blank mind and even those words I had learnt I couldn't recall under questioning!! Should have one 2morow(utre) but have postponed till Fri to see if 2 extra days revision will get me back on track.Part of the problem is that as my UCHITEL put it we are entering the real bulgarian and he reckons I have done extremely to get here in the time I 've had class and been in the country.As he said the mistakes I make are being made by Bulgarians all the time and they don't know any better!Cold comfort unfortunately when one is trying to learn sufficient to speak to all(official and conversational) people. However it appears that this text is one of the best(if not the best) used in Bulg. In 6 years time ,once i'm fluent, I'm sure that I could devise an easier and basic text that would be more what the Brit living here needs. In the meantime I struggle on and am thankful I paid up front or the desire to truant might surface.Just hope that more time will be the answer. Since I last wrote not a lot has happened except that I've been snapping up bargains for Yunets house incl new low W.C. and whb, kitchen sink, bedding requirements and large (small double) matress (matrak) to fit the old fashioned base. Also have ordered 2 single matresses and base that will fit my new matress in the current Dom. Next step is to kick ass with the builder again and see if he's managed to find the corect tiles for the roof at 24.Also I managed to get the bonnet to open after it had stuck following garage visit for brakes.Thank god as we had our first am frost today and the anti-freeze was in!! Also thankful that the provisions for over wintering orchids were being used. ie. they were inside on a heating regime that has me not looking forward to the next electric bill but at least I do my work /revision and eat in the same room.Could be worse - could still be in N.Ireland and unable to meet such a bill!!Lang lessons apart I am still very much enjoying being here and definately think of it now as home.Having said that I am looking forward to meeting friends and family in the near future and (when on autopilot )have been known to say going home! Oops. Partly from years of saying it and also it's a mouthfull to talk about visiting Germany,England and N.Ireland each time. All bills are now paid up to date here and registrations have been made (as required) so should be easier existence for a while. The other nice thing after the hassle of electric registration was that when they came to read the meters they also installed new metre boxes for free!!Certainly looks less dangerous now altho old fuses still in place. OK then that's your lot for now. Ciao, Supergran.


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