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October 27th 2007
Published: October 27th 2007
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Whilst I took a break from revising I wanted to write this in Boyana .Wouldn't accept password so went into my supergran addres.Never read blogs once on the net but couldn't resist a look over them. Fascinating what you forget!!Nice to have permanent reminder - but in reading them I discovered that i was talking about finishing outstanding building work in Aug.Now late oct and motivated by the need to complete alterations by 23/11 (when I start return journey, Valisar hopes to finish roof of 24 and alterations in structure of 2 upstairs rooms(at least sufficiently for me to move new furniture up from bedroom/CELLAR.GIVEN THAT HE HAS TO INSTALL PLUMING FROM SCRATCH AM GLAD THAT NEW BATH AND WC SHOULD BE BEING DELIVERED!!No won't say that too loud as with my luck they will default.Tried to get bath home myself but door into van again proved too narrow even when van is pleanty big enough. Bored to the back teeth with revision I set about valeting the van and repairing some of things overdue attention. This included getting on the roof to fix up skylight (damaged by youths when parked in Svezditza in June.Shows what our weather has been like that only now mending it.)Also trying to repair some of the damage from breakin in Boyana.Now doesn't look like a furniture van any more and booze has started to be stashed under seating. Wrapping paper for presents has been a hard station but eventually I discovered best places to try are not bookshops or large stores but art shops.Unfortunately not terribly arty/tasteful and occasion paper eg. Xmas or birthdays seems to be non-existent. However those wrapped are also finding suitable spots on the van - so you can see I'm now working towards the return trip to UK. Am pleased to report that I will also manage to see my German friends for 2/3 days.This will be fun but also necessary therapy having o'nited in Sophia to try and complete commissions from Sam. What a supermum too. Almost as stupid an idea as signing up for 30 more hours class!!I guess that some things never change. Car tax has become due at end of Oct and obviously will be essential once I reach England.With previous troubles on mainland Britian in mind have started the ball rolling ,via Sam's efforts ,and allowed a month to achieve 'lift-off'!! Let's hope it's enough. Monday's class moves into the realms of driving and forms/verbal vocab will be very useful in the light of past experiences here with road checks. Well that will do for now as must get back for delivery(ever the optimist) Supergran.


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