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Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar September 27th 2013

Nessebur, Bulgaria Nessebur is a nice little port city that thrives on the tourist trade almost exclusively. The old part of town is billed at the Dubrovnik of the Black Sea. I have never been to Dubrovnik but I doubt the comparison is accurate. While Nessebur has beautiful beaches and interesting ruins dating back a couple thousand years, it mainly sports souvenir shops and cafes. After a leisurely stroll around the narrow cobble stone streets I spent time over strong coffee at a seaside café with friends from the ship. Then I heard music and wandered off to find a wonderful exhibition of local dancers and musicians in the center of a partially excavated ancient theater. The music and dancers in native garb was superb. My favorite image of the performance is of a ... read more

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar June 7th 2013

After yesterdays sights at the beach we wanted something a bit more historical to look at and with the weather starting out fine and sunny we planned a walk through to the old town which is over a short causeway and about 3 kilometres away.We haven't had a decent walk for a couple of days so a good stride out will do us good. Again we weren't in too much hurry today and dallied around over breakfast taking our time. This little plan didn't work out that well for us because by the time we got on our way after 11am the sky to the west looked threatening and by the time we got about two thirds of the way to the causeway large spots of rain started to fall and there was rumbling of thunder ... read more
Buildings under construction all around
Causeway to the old town,Nesebar
Hydofoils used as ferries on the Black Sea

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar June 6th 2013

As those famous lines from the movie Forest Gump go,'life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get'.This was going to be true about our visit to the beach across the road from our apartment complex.More about that shortly. With no great urgency to be up and about we enjoyed a little longer in bed than usual reading the kindle and listening to Newstalk ZB to stay up to date with what was happening back home in NZ(some things never change no matter where we are in the world!) We had bought what looked like bacon and packaging had appeared to read bacon in the local written word,from the Penny Market yesterday.It had been amongst all those other types of salamis,hams,etc etc that are stacked up in the chiller.It ... read more
Some of the better looking bodies on the beach
Looking towards the centre of Sunny Beach
No takers as yet today

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar June 5th 2013

We awoke to a nice sunny morning which should make the drive further east today that much more enjoyable.We have had some rain on the last 2 days that we have travelled between towns on and it does limit the sightseeing and scenery. With a filling BBA breakfast inside us we topped up with diesel and headed out of Plovdiv looking for the A1 that would carry us east to the Black Sea and three nights in an apartment in Nesebur. We knew the A1 was north of the city and the GPS took us in that direction but as we saw the signs for the A1 we could not see Nesebur on any of them.Thinking that perhaps the system wasn't fully up to date with the highway we thought best and diverted onto what we ... read more
Farm land on the A1
The yellow of wheat fields
Not an ice cream shop within many kilometres

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar July 15th 2012

Saturday 14th July 2012 Nice easy morning, breakfast (for what it was worth) across the road at the cafe then back to pack and do a few last minute things. Judy has assignments in for marking and is trying to mark at least 6/day. This isn't easy as they take a minimum of 30 minutes each and she has over 100 to do. We caught the local bus to the bus station next to the Grand Mall getting there with over an hour to spare before departure. We did wonder if we'd get away at all when we saw the bus come in, dirty, dented and not too smoothly. Obviously the inspectors were a little suspicious as two pulled up in a car next to it, checked the lights and indicators and spent some time with ... read more
Old Town
Our hotel
Display of Lace

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar July 11th 2008

It's been three months since I've arrived in Bulgaria. Now, in the comfort of my apartment overlooking the Black Sea and the ever so glorious Helios Bay, I write about the journey I have traveled up until this point. I am coming to grips with the Cyrillic tongue faster than I ever imagined, sometimes finding Bulgarian at the tip of my tongue before even breeding an English thought. Such is novel to me as it has been awhile since I have been forced to twinkle my synapses. There is much to say about this country. Ridden with mountains that reach around 3,000 km and the sea whose waves cleanse the soul, the country is beautiful to say the least. Being a girl from New York City, embracing the nature around me has taken a new facet ... read more
A walk into the woods
Where are we?

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar May 10th 2007

Hi everyone!! It's been a few days, but I've reached the end of the first leg of my trip. I had limited access in Bulgaria, but I've kept a personal journal of all the sights that we've seen, and here is a summary. I don't have the exact dates of everything that we've seen, but all of these are in chronological order: MIKRE - A small rural village where Alex's grandfather lives. We met him and ate lunch at his house, and saw his goats - it was pretty funny, they were playing a game, trying to jump onto an old oil drum. ETERA - A preserved 19th century village mechanically powered by water. There is a very similar town like this in Ontario, I don't remember what it is called, but this place was ... read more
Veliko Turnovo
Tzarevetz 1

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar December 26th 2006

After leaving Bansko my family and I headed to the Black Sea coast. The interesting thing about Bulgaria (in a very summary description form) is that you can experience the pleasure of hiking tall beautiful mountains and 5-6 hours drive later you could be at one of the many seaside resorts. Our trip took us to the resort town of Nessebar located in the central part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast (please see the map in the previous post) We had booked an all inclusive stay at the Nessebar IFA hotel (I believe this was a German hotel chain). The all inclusive meant meals and hotel rooms for all of us were included. The hotel was located South of the old town of Nessebar in the newer section of town. Nevertheless it was not far ... read more
Sarah and Kristin in Nessebar (July 2006)
Karlovo Bank Building
Sarah in Bansko

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar July 8th 2006

Weekends or weekdays..... life never stops in BG. The restaurants and bars are full, the food is really great. All the things I loved to eat and grew up on I've had the opportunity to taste again, various salads with grated fetta on top, a multitude of choices for the meatlover: grilled delicacies and spit roasts, a selection of exotic seafood from the Black Sea and much more. A standard 'small' drink is 50ml here, but the locals always order the 'standard' large of 100ml, served with a glass full of ice and a bottled mixer of their choice. Yes, they certainly can hold their drink around here. In some clubs it's possible to order 'hard' alcohol by the bottle, and the account is charged to the table. Many of the clubs which my cousin took ... read more
Nesebar, the old town 04
Nesebar, the old town 02
Nesebar, the old town 03

Europe » Bulgaria » Burgas Province » Nesebar June 15th 2006

Well, I am slowly making my way down the Black Sea coast being somewhat made to slow down by a blasted cold I know I picked up in Veliko Turnavo (everyone in the hostel there seemed to be coughing and spluttering and I obviously have not incorporated enough garlic into my diet so am doing likewise now). I cheated (again!) and caught the bus to Varna which I am very glad about. The towns that the bus drove through looked absolutely miserable and the landscape, well, nothing I haven't seen before. Not only that, I saw a pack of dogs giving chase to a horse and cart. I was very grateful to have been observing this from the comfort of my air-conditioned bus. On the dog front though, they have been relatively good. Hope this continues. ... read more

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