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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo June 3rd 2014

Nun bin ich also in Sarajevo, dieser faszinierenden Balkanmetropole mit der bewegten Geschichte und etwas abseits des Mainstream-Tourismus. Die Fahrt hierher verlief dann doch ohne Probleme. Mit dem Bus von Zagreb über mehrere Zwischenstationen hierher. Auf dem Weg durch eine bergige Landschaft mit vielen schönen Schluchten. Minarette gab es auch jede Menge. Die Namen der Städte hat man in den 90ern oft im Fernsehen gehört. Von Überschwemmung war auf dem Weg hierher nichts zu sehen. Ich bin abends hier angekommen, zum Hotel gefahren und habe begleitet mit bosnischem Wein schön gegessen. Nur für die Online-Tagesschau ist das Internet hier etwas langsam. Bilder muss ich noch nachreichen. Ich hoffe, das schaffe ich morgen, weil das ohne PC anscheinend nicht geht. Dann werde ich auch das Tunnelmuseum aus dem Bürgerkrieg und den Platz des Attentats, welches sich dieses ... read more
Viele Schluchten
Von Hochwasser eigentlich keine Spur
Noch eine Schlucht

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 20th 2013

The sun was still shining on our last full day in Sarajevo. We finally took to the old battered trams that ply up and down the valley. If ever there was a public transport upgrade required, it is here. We had avoided the trams in favour of our feet to get towards the Old Town, partially due to the congestion that was evident on them as they passed. Supply clearly did not match demand. We were going against the flow on our journey to Ilidaz on this trip, but it was busy enough. We alighted at the Iladiz terminus. Franz Ferdinand had similarly alighted here on his ill-fated visit to Sarajevo, but there was no sign of any old centre where he had received his initial reception. We opted to give our legs some more hammer ... read more
Tunnel Museum
Tunnel Museum

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 19th 2013

The other major event in the relatively recent past that brought Sarajevo to the international attention is the 1984 Winter Olympics. We set off confidently up the hill in the direction of the Stadium. The Man in the Middle suggested a short sit down was in order half way up the hill. It was steep to be fair – perhaps a different approach route would have been a better bet. We had reason to be at the Satdium. It was Bosnian FA Cup quarter-final Wednesday and FK Sarajevo were playing at the Stadium in the 2ndleg of their tie with FK Vitez. It was finely balanced at 1 – 1, although we didn’t know that at the time. We had taken our detour to look at Princip’s grave and arrived in good time. The approach to ... read more
FK Sarajevo

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 17th 2013

The tensions of the recent past in Sarajevo and the Balkans War are hard to miss. The graveyards with the 11,000 + victims of the siege are laid out across the hillsides of the valley. The majority focus is on them. However, tensions in the city are nothing new and one particular grave tends to go un-noticed. In a corner of the graveyard within the shadow of the Olympic Stadium lies the memorial to Gavrilo Princip, the Serb nationalist, whose assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophia led to the events that precipitated the First World War. Princip was not hanged due to his age and died of TB in custody after 4 years. The bodies of Princip and the fellow plotters were repatriated to Sarajevo. There was nobody else around and ... read more
Old Town

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 16th 2013

The football business temporarily over in Belgrade, we were up at 5 am and down to the Bus Station for the 6.15 express to Sarajevo. The bus company was called Kondor, which was quite appropriate as we would be going over the high ground into Bosnia. We already had our tickets and I had the little tokens to get on to the platform secured. There was no sign of any seat numbers being employed on the bus - at least nobody came up and said move - so we settled down to early morning departure heading intially north out of Belgrade past the airport. The early scenery was not memorable - the flat agricultural land only interupted by the occasional feature incluing the West Balkan branch of the family diesel engine firm. We re-crossed the Sava ... read more
Avaz Tower

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 10th 2013

Good day people! Bosnia & Herzegovina is an almost landlocked country, with just 20km of coast around a city called Neum. I guess most people would immediately think about the war when they hear the name Bosnia & Herzegovina. Most people probably don't know much more about the place (some even think there is still a war, lol). During the Yugoslav War between 1992 and 1996, Bosnia & Herzegovina was the country that suffered the most. Serbs wanted to take control of the whole country and large parts of Croatia to annex it to Serbia, which would become the "Big Serbia". During my visit I spoke to three or four different people about the war, mostly younger people because the older generation doesn't speak English. It was interesting to hear from different people how they and ... read more
Mostar; Stari Most (old bridge)
View of Neum
Bosnia & Herzegovina numberplate

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo September 25th 2013

The JAT Airways turboprop from Belgrade to Sarajevo took only forty minutes, even if it did sound like a Lancaster bomber. The first thing we did when we stepped into the arrivals hall of Sarajevo Airport was to change some British pounds into the local currency, the convertible mark. Then we caught a cheap taxi to our hotel. From the taxi, we noticed how hilly Sarajevo was. It was on these hills that snipers hid during the Bosnian War. We also noticed the abundance of mosques. Minarets were everywhere, a distinct difference from the Orthodox Christianity of Serbia. "Look," said Michael, pointing at a dilapidated building we were driving past. It was pockmarked with bullet holes. The driver noticed us looking. "From war," he said. The Siege of Sarajevo lasted for almost four years. It occurred ... read more
View From holiday Inn
The Balkan Odyssey
Central Square

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 21st 2013

Today was another long day but was well worth it. Here is the day in a nutshell... Got pulled over about 5 miles north of Sarajevo for speeding. Maybe the big red van is a bit noticeable. Anyway, after getting lectured by the female policija in a language I have a tough time understanding and then getting chewed out in the policija car by her partner, he finally asked me where we were going. When I told him Srebrenica, he slammed his ticket book down and told me to slow down. He assumed I was going to Belgrade. After that, we arrived in a small town called Han Pijesak where officer #2 stopped us. This time he said the road ahead was closeD and we could either wait 3 hours or try a detour...of the many ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 12th 2013

Amazing, amazing day today. The only time I enjoy tours are when they are based in culture/history and/or take you out of the city - the Total Siege Tour with Sarajevo Funky Tours delivered on both accounts. And yes, best name ever for a company. With the best guides, ever. Skender and his Dad. This truly was one of the most informative tours I have ever gone on: Skender knows his stuff and it's not just from a book - he gave us the information, but also told us personal stories from when he was a child during the siege (hiding in the basement, the lunch packets from the UN, craving chocolate lol) and also about his Dad who fought to protect the city. It's something else hearing them describe that chapter of their lives - ... read more

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 11th 2013

Very lazy morning - I headed out to Old Town to wander more of the tiny streets. I also found myself in the middle of a flock (?) of pigeons... oh God they are everywhere here, and I just keeping thinking of the Animaniacs and their pigeon skits. (Ah, childhood.) Time for lunch already? Don't mind if I do! I opted for "burek" today - meat pie like things that are served with yogurt and are simply delish. Plateful for about $2... yeah can't go wrong with that!! After lunch I went in search of the other museum I wanted to see... imagine my face when I realized it was only 2 blocks down from the closed one I ventured out to yesterday. Oops..! Haha, ah well, it was a nice walk again. Once I found ... read more

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