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May 16th 2009
Published: May 16th 2009
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Brussel Sprouts continued...

I was so happy to leave Brussels.

While the city does have a a beautiful town square (the Gran Place), and very large governmental buildings, it is nothing to write home about. My life is in no way, shape or form better now that I visited Brussels. If anything, I have a new affinity for darker, stronger biers, and will now most likely become an alchohalic. So if I had to pick one thing I enjoyed, it was there bier. I am, however, not a fan of their cuisine.

Everyday in Brussels is like Deep Fried madness day with Mary at the frat house...pick any fattening meat, or simple carb, throw it in some pig fat, and fry it. VOILA, instant constapation and fat belly! I don't understand how no one in this country is obese...when heavy, heavy bier and fried food is your staple for every meal, wouldn't you be fat? Maybe they are all bullimic and can read minds.

My assesment of Brussels could, however, be a very unfair one considering I have only seen one other european city, London, which is one of ther worlds best. Some fun things did happen though:

-I did meet two sets of americans. The 1st day, I heard an american voice, and ended up spending the day with a girl from Wisconsin living in Brussels, and the drinking that night with her French Dijon friend (who I rudely, and drunkely bailed on when I heard another group speaking with American accents).
-The next day, I saw a guy with a Billabong shirt, and proceeded to spend the day with him. Bill left San Francisco 1.5 years ago without telling any friends or family, just a note. He has been travelling and working (in very random places, a chipotle-like place in New Zealand).
-We then met two Florida Gators...hung out all night. I took them back to the Delirium Bar, which is the coolest bar I have ever been to. We also had a meal at a restaraunt in an alley that has Mexico written all over it (as you walk by each restaraunt they have hosts trying to get you in, and they try very, very hard); definitely a tourist trap, the meal was terrible.

My new favorite biers are:

-Westmalle Double
-Delirium Nocturnum
(lowest alchohal %!o(MISSING)ut of those 3 is 9.5%! (MISSING)

In Bruges

Every time I say "Bruge," I think of In Bruges...., and how much Colin Farrel despised the quaint town in that movie...

Anyways, I convinced the Gators to join me for a day in Bruge. This place is one of the most beautiful, fantastical places I have ever been. Somehow, all 20th and 21st century influences passed over this small medieval town.

To say it has a lot of canals would be an understatement. It is Venice north.

It is very, very small, and perfect for a romantic day or two. As much as I like being romantic with myself, there is only so much love you can give yourself as a single person, especially in the self-ascribed "Northern City of Romance."

I will list the highlights and add that it took me less than 6 hours to see all the sights, walk the entire town, and know the streets:

-The Bed & Breakfast I am staying in is a very nice change from 4-6 bed hostel rooms. Last night I stayed in and watched a terrible movie, and slept for 12 hours.
-The Breakfast aspect was also very good, even though their breakfast here is our lunch (Meat, cheese, bread...)
-I saw a vile containing 2009 year old blood! Thats right, Jesus's blood! Im sure it really is his blood, I mean, why wouldn't you bottle a carpenters blood who preaches that he is the son of god and can heal people?? Jussstt kidding my gentile friends.
-This city has more benches than San Diego & Los Angeles combined
-The canals provide the most surreal views at every corner
-My wholesome lunch today consisted of two Carlsberg pilsners and 3 bowls of bar nuts while I watched the Man U Arsenal game.
-Soccer observation-- Man U fans are everywhere, they are like the Red Sox or Yankees. Its very easy to be a fan of the best team in the world year in and year out, and the team that spends the most money...Bandwagoning is not only an American thing!

In conclusion, Bruge is a must see. Two days is pushing it if you don't have the means necessary to enjoy the cities expensive restaraunts. If you stick to a Bier and nuts lunch, 1 day is perfect.

Amsterdam tomorrow......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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