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Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège July 18th 2009

Hello, this entry covers my brief stay in the Belgium Ardennes. Upon leaving Maastricht, I slowly climbed the hill towards the old fort, passing a midget golf course on the way (I even doubled checked, it was midget and not mini - a very strict entry policy if you ask me), before rounding a huge quarry and then joining the GR5 as it made its way into Belgium. I had been told to look out for 'a hut' where I could get a certificate for completing the Pieterpad but despite my best efforts, I was unable to locate it, which is a shame as I was planning to frame my certificate and place it next to my degree - after all, I probably worked just as hard to get it. I'm sure I'll be able to ... read more
How far?
The Ardennes
Chateau Wegimont

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège July 12th 2009

Keepin it simple Here in Belgium, its pretty easy going. All you need to do is walk about 5 minutes and you find yourself at a bus station, take that into Liege and your golden. Here are just a few things that we did/found around town. Along with the biggest set of stairs I have ever seen in my life. The last few are pictures of a market that happens every sunday morning, its the biggest in Belgium so I hear. Anyways enjoy the few pictures and i'll post soon about something important I promise.... read more
Cool buildings

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège July 11th 2009

Bienvenue! Welcome one and all to my 'official' travel blog. Well lets get started shall we? I left the states for belgium thursday july 9th to arrive in Brussels july 10th. Packing, as we all know, is only done proper and well when procrastinating. So like any good, well traveled man I held off as long as I could. Once wednesday night rolled around i figured it might be a good idea to at least look at my clothes. So come three or so thursday morning I decided 'ehhh close enough' and called it a night/morning. Whatever. Thursday morning went off like a charm, it went as such; *wake up *realize im leaving for a foreign country *get excited *see my unfinished packing *relax *eat breakfast *10 minute warning to leave *finish packing No problem! Hop ... read more
La belle maison!
Gardin (right)

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège September 18th 2006

J’ai passé neuf jours à Liège, ma chère Liège, où j’ai vecu quand j’avais 17 ans. L’année passée, je suis retournée à Liège, directe de Bangkok, et Liège m’a aparute une ville belle, très charmante, les petites ruelles, mignones maisons, des parcs au centre très agréables, et un centre historique renouvellé et beau. Mais il faut dire que Liège n’est pas si belle quand on vient de Paris, la plus belle ville de monde. Mais, quand meme, Liège est une petite ville charmante. C’est drole, mais je ne suis jamais rende compte comment elle est petite quand j’étais la comme étudiante d’échange - il y avait tant de choses nouvelles et interressantes, beaucoup à découvrir et beaucoup de gens à rencontrer Mais, en effet, Liège est un petite ville. Les magasins ferment entre 17:00 et 18:00 ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège March 16th 2006

I was lucky enough to have two Dusseldorf trips one after the other, which was just as well after the previous days' episode. I went straight to the central station and made sure this time i had got on the right train. I arrived at a place called Aachen which is just before the Belgium border where i had to change trains. It was a quick 10 minute journey over the border where i had to change trains again. Forty five minutes later i was finally in Liege. Got out of the station to find out that if i wanted to go to the city centre i would need to catch ANOTHER train. So by the time i got there it was already dark and i only had a couple of hours to look around before ... read more
town hall
narrow cobblestoned streets

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège February 21st 2006

Name : Sandra Surname : Haulait Age : 24 (will have 25 on 28th of april 2006) Stay in Oz' : 10 months Nationality : Belgian Reason for leaving : willingness to discover the world...and especially Australia! Characteristics : likes travellling, meeting people, sport, music, .... Motto : " Carpe Diem " ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège February 21st 2006

First name: Claire Nickname: (if you find a nice one…) Family name: (we don’t care) Age: 23 (until my next birthday…) Hobbies: travels, friends, music, cooking, Latin dance (but for later on…), and any beautiful things of this small world. Other big travels: Spain, Peru, Senegal “Tout est relatif” - “Everything is relative” … That’s my motto. ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège January 21st 2006

Bonsoir, You have no idea how bizarre the belgium keyboard is. You have to press shift to type a number, about half the keys are in the same place, but then the other half is all over the friggin place (the "q" is where the "a" is supposed to be, so if I mess up a lot with that you know why), and I canùt figure out how to type the "at" key. Every time I want to type it I have to copy and paste it from elsewhere. If you only knew how long it is taking to type this. I'm in Liege, which is about a stones throw over the Belgium border from Maastricht. I came over this afternoon with Jesse and his mom, they were already planning to come here to visit a ... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège October 26th 2005

Comme j’ai écrit dans le blog passé (en anglais), mon organisation a payé un voyage de recherche pour moi et cinq collègues en Europe. Quelle joie ! Nous allons passer trois jours à Kiev, en Ukraine, et puis trois de nous six allons à Rome pour quatre jours, et le reste vont à Londres. Nous allons rencontrer des des organisations qui travaillent aussi sur la traite des êtres humains. Alors, j’exploite cette opportunité pour prendre congé et rendre visite à mes chers amis et familles à Liège et à Londres. Et pour mes chers amis belges, j’écris aussi en français. S’il y a des erreurs, n’hesitez pas de me le dire - après tous, si je veux venir travailler en Belgique un jour, il va falloir que j’écris avec plus de façilité que j’en ai maintenant ... read more
Le Cathedrale Saint-Jacques
le Boulevard Saint-Avroy

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