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Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège August 5th 2009

Time is up. For now As I pull into the final few hours of my month long trip to Belgium I just wanted to end it on a rather lofty note. This trip has no doubt been unforgettable. I have learned so much and had fun doing it and at the end of the day that's what its all about. Did you take gain something from being there that day or did you waste it. No wasted days here, even on those days where a nap and an early bed time were necessary. Please enjoy these last few pictures that I will share with you and feel free to any that I've posted as your motivator to start your own adventure. Good luck. ... read more
Oostende Church
Dour Festival

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège August 4th 2009

Belgium the Magnificent! Welcome back to another exciting segment of Adventures in the Land of Belgium with Patrick. Today's blog will focus on different cities all throughout Belgium. Have a look! Antwerp As soon as you pulled in to the train station you are greeted by beauty. As seen in this first picture. Antwerp itself is all of 2 hours away from where I am staying in Liege. Fantastic. Without a doubt a very built up and nice city however, it definitely had its blissful little subtle nuances. First order of business, find Morgane's friend who was spending the day with us, and obtain food. And what better place to do that than a Patisserie? I bought myself an awesome little bagel like bread substance with this cream in the middle that borders on the ... read more
Best sign ever

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège August 4th 2009

Lets Go Somewhere Hello again! Id like you to know that if your a frequent of my blog than congratulations! You have a present heading your way. Find me and you shall receive your complementary gift from Belgium. But wait there's more! Its not enough that you find me, you must have an original question to ask. Think hard In the mean time follow along as I delve into the mysteries of Germany and The Netherlands. Cologne (Koeln) Keep in mind this is my first excursion by my self, so things could have gone better. I woke my self up at 7 and did my morning thing. Packed my backpack with the essentials (sunscreen, skateboard, peach). Got a ride to the train station and headed off. I had a direct train to Cologne (Koeln in ... read more
The Two Spires
Church Face
I love self timers!

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège August 2nd 2009

Do your self a favor You can go anywhere you want in the world. Anywhere you want in life! But you have to want it bad enough to work for it. If you have ever thought about traveling then do yourself a favor and go. I don't care if its another city or another country. Leave. Take a road trip. Pack a bag. Buy a train ticket. Don't pack a bag. Enjoy life. You'll never know whats right for you until you find out whats wrong. There is an adventure out there for everyone. So go find it.... read more

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège July 30th 2009

Twelve Feet Protecting Devices A sketchers commercial once said that the first thing a woman notices are the shoes a man is wearing. Good thing Belgium knows nothing of sketchers. I bring to you a sneak preview of my Belgian shoe collection before anyone else will see them. I came with 3 pairs, im leaving with 3 pairs. Those last three pairs just happen to be new thats all. Some of you may be asking why I bought so many pairs of shoes, and what is the purpose of having 6 pairs!? Dont one pair of shoes do the same as any other pair? no Each pair of shoes serves a completely different purpose. They all have their strengths and weeknesses and that is the purpose of this Blog. Learn the reason behind each shoe ... read more
Vans Rowley Shambles
Adidas Golf Sandals
Ninja Shoes

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège July 27th 2009

Ill let the pictures do the talking A quick synopsis of my day start to finish picture style. Enjoy.... read more
The morning crew
Gotta have that breakfast
Working hard on that blog!

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège July 25th 2009

Episode 5 Welcome back to the ever fun yet never dumb adventures of Patrick in the Land of Belgium. Well i'm back and updating on a Saturday (thank me later) to bring you whats new with me and my travels. This week has been an exciting one from Skating on the town to visiting Holland so follow along and enjoy. Monday, I realize that traveling for more than a few weeks at a time can have a hefty toll on your body. So I decided to do myself a favor and get healthy! I tied my skateboarding shoes extra tight, grabbed my iPod shuffle and headed out for a jog. The morning was crisp (at 11am) and I was slightly less than awake. I went for what I estimated to be a 2 and a ... read more
Mondays Concert
Inside Out
Inside Inside Out

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège July 19th 2009

The Haps I just wanted to let you all in on a few things that I have been doing over this first week, and let me warn you if you get jealous of travel as easily as I do you may want to just read over my food blog again. Hah Well lets start things off with a bang. Of course you all know I love to skateboard, its my passion! So naturally I brought my board over seas with me to experience new territory. And boy did I ever. Morgane mentioned that there is not a skatepark in Liege per say but there is a skate spot. So on my first excursion by myself I brought along my skateboard, within 10 minutes of getting off the bus I see a skater roll past me. ... read more
Awesome bridge
Bridge where the fireworks were
Sweet church by the sea

Europe » Belgium » Liège Province » Liège July 18th 2009

Belgian Food Of course, when you think of Belgium your thinking of only one kind of food. And I speak of the Belgian Waffle. Now, demonstrated in my first picture you are correct, that is a very prevalent food source out here and it happens to be their national snack. However! There are many different kinds of things that I want to talk about. Such as the fantastic fries. All over the cities and towns you can find stores/shops dedicated solely to selling fries. You may think that is crazy, well i'm here to tell you its crazy sweet. You can get more fries than you have ever had in your life.. in one sitting. You can get fries with ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, other stuff, mayonnaise, etc. The list goes on and on. Oh and ... read more
My first fries
Home-made parfait
A sandwich at a local shop

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