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September 18th 2011
Published: June 14th 2017
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i spent a wonderful night and day in Gent with E and her friend T (she brought a friend with her in case i was a fat 50 year old man holding his dick...heehehe)

i'm really glad i went to Gent as well and not only Bruges...bruges is entirely picture-perfect and breathtaking, but Gent is real and lived-in, it's loved and appreciated and kept alive by the poeple who breathe it every also gave me a better understanding of belgians (the flemmish, actually) and quite simply, i love them...they seem to be wonderful people with a great style and it's not really something i saw in bruges - i didn't notice it was missing until i saw it in gent...i'll take Gent over Bruges any day (and if anyone is planning on going, uu-huuum con&helen, stay in gent and do a day trip to bruges, it's only 30mins by train)

the flemmish-stranger-girls not only made me feel welcome and showed me around, but they helped me bring a lovely end to the Solopalooza part of the Grand Europalooza...aaawwww, it's over...but from here on it's friends and family time, yey 😊

so much planning, so much to do and see, so many planes and trains to miss - and i managed them all...go me!

i'm meeting my aussie-chicks in athens tomorrow where we will play tourist, then we're off to 2 greek islands and then rome (with one of them) so my travelpod isn't over yet (i don't get home until 15 November)

so far i have travelled just over 23,000 kilometres (14,300 miles) according to travelpod, and it has consisted of 4 planes, 4 ferries, 13 trains (including 3 overnighters), and ONE balloon flight

i'm kind of sad it's over...but on the other hand I GET TO SEE MY GIRLFRIENDS...woooohhhhhoooooooooooooooooooo 😊😊😊

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how i ended the solopaloozahow i ended the solopalooza
how i ended the solopalooza

*sniff* thanks so much girls, you were like the icing on the cake xxx

19th September 2011

Thank you for making the effort to come to Ghent! I had a wonderful time, Tee as well. Enjoy your girlfriend-time, soak in the sun and watch True Blood. You deserve that *hugs*Did you visit the Lam Gods (painting)?
19th September 2011

i didn't go to the church again, actually...i was soaking up the atmosphere and then something was niggling my brain that i wanted to go somewhere but i forgot...heehheee xxx
19th September 2011

oh, and then my plane was delayed and i got home in athens at 3AM!!!
19th September 2011

That's a crapload of travelling! lol. I'm glad you got to do it all, and that you're off to see your friends! Have a magnificent, wonderful time! We await your return in November! Stay Safe! Love, Laura
19th September 2011

You are absolutely amazing. You did all that on your own in a strange part of the world. WOW.. You are incredibly brave. Enjoy the rest as much, and more... heaps more. I hope the weather will be good all the way. Lots of love and h

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