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August 8th 2014
Published: August 8th 2014
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2014-08-06 03.41.522014-08-06 03.41.522014-08-06 03.41.52

Trying the different local brews. Cool and refreshing on a hot afternoon.
We are enjoying the food and drink here in Minsk. We find that we like both. The local cuisine uses lots of beets, carrots, and cabbage. Chicken is the main affordable meat. They make a type of crepe called blinnly and stuff it with different things like cream cheese. And most things have a dollop of delicious sour cream. They also use lots of mayonnaise.

Restaurants have menus with pictures which help, but Kevin still got chicken livers by accident at the Lebanese restaurant - yuck! Fortunately, I ordered a yummy chicken curry that we shared. We found a place that has delicious fish and chips (and beer). Tonight we are having a barbeque with the other teachers - bring your own meat (probably chicken spiced with the mix our spice man made for us at the market) and a side dish. Zdrovo'ya!

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2014-08-05 07.25.442014-08-05 07.25.44
2014-08-05 07.25.44

This is Ludskia classic. Darn, we like them all.
2014-08-04 22.41.302014-08-04 22.41.30
2014-08-04 22.41.30

Breakfast of champions.
2014-08-04 22.39.572014-08-04 22.39.57
2014-08-04 22.39.57

Who says eggs need to come in a dozen?

8th August 2014

Thanks George and Kevin for the pictures and comments. Loved them all and here I am getting an education about Belarus. Chicken livers are not for me either. UGH Love you and take care of each other. Gran'ma
8th August 2014

Thank for the Update!
Ruth and are pleased you are safe and sound in your new home. Keep the blogs coming! I'm anxious to learn about your winters! :-)

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