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August 9th 2014
Published: August 9th 2014
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Minsk, Belarus

Komarovsky Market

Outside Komarovsky MarketOutside Komarovsky MarketOutside Komarovsky Market

A statue outside the Komarovsky Market.
Hello Everyone,

We had a very refreshing rain this Saturday morning. We were out an about in it, picking up some yoga mats and running some other errands. We have walked more this week than in the whole rest of the year! Electric buses in our neighborhood are not running this weekend because of maintenance on the overhead lines. So we took a regular bus which turned on a street we didn't want. Note to self: the 68 is a bad bus route for us. We hoped off at the next stop (which was several blocks away). We walked over to the next major street and hopped another bus in the general direction we wanted to go. It also turned away from where we were headed. We should have waited for the 100 bus. Off again at the next stop. We were within walking distance by that point. Thank goodness - and we were even on time!

The bus system is very easy to use once you know where you are going. We need to get a little better with the routes, but we haven't found a bus route map yet. We bought bus cards and each time we get on a bus we swipe them (about $0.30). With all of our running around we are using up our card rides, so we need to figure out how to reload the cards with more money. I will get some pictures of the three different types of surface transportation for a future post. There is also a metro subway, but it doesn't come too near us.

The lady on the bus and the chicken: Yesterday we bought some chicken breasts at the Komarovsky market. Kevin was packing the breasts in a plastic sack. She was holding on to the back of a bus seat to keep from falling and an older lady sat down in the seat. She let out a shriek as she leaned back onto the cold breasts. Since it was a hot day she smiled with relief and we all had a good laugh.


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