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August 8th 2014
Published: August 8th 2014
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Komarovski MarketKomarovski MarketKomarovski Market

Inside the market are troves of small stalls manned by individuals each trying to convince you to try their wares - honey, pickled snails...
Kevin and I made it safely to Minsk and are adjusting well. Everyone is so friendly and it is very safe here. Kevin tested it out by leaving her purse at a restaurant the first night. We hurried back two hours later in a taxi and the waiter just smiled as he reached behind the counter and handed her the purse.

We went to a local mall on the first morning to pick up some supplies. A fan was a must as it is near 30 Celsius (90s F). We also picked up a few groceries in the very modern grocery store. The mall was cool because it also has an ice skating arena. We had a Belarussian buffet lunch by the rink.

Much fun at the open air market Tuesday , especially with the spice guy who hand mixed a beef spice and a chicken spice. We also bought our first heirloom tomatoes of the season - stalls and stalls of beautiful tomatoes of all colors. I bought some blueberries and there were also some berries that look exactly like huckleberries, but without their distinctive smell and flavor. I asked the girl the name of the berries and
Belarus Komarovsky MarketBelarus Komarovsky MarketBelarus Komarovsky Market

Bagging up our potatoes and onions.
she gave me her name - Sasha. That received a good laugh from her and her fellow sellers. We can't wait to go back.

Not much English spoken here so we need to get cracking on our Russian.

We now have our bus passes and some general idea how to navigate our part of the city.

It is still HOT so Wednesday we walked to the lake from our apartment and had a refreshing swim. We went with some of the other school families so their were kids and dogs, too.

Lea Anne has been teaching here for four years and she has been a wonderful guide to the city and culture.

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Belarus Komarovsky Market VegiesBelarus Komarovsky Market Vegies
Belarus Komarovsky Market Vegies

There was the berry and mushroom aisle, tomato aisle, vegetable aisle, and more.

A beautiful sunny day at the market

8th August 2014

Cool way to keep everyone up-to-date....
9th August 2014

Isn't a purse left behind part of the finding Kooskia story? I think it's a good sign!
12th August 2014

SO happy to hear from you both, LOVE the blog-What an exciting adventure-I look forward to many more entries, PLEASE keep in touch!
12th August 2014

The market looks beautiful! What a great find. Can't wait to hear about your continuing adventures.
11th February 2015

Hello there sexy!!! I heard about your new life and I am so happy for you I bet you are having the time of your life!... I am so excited to find out about this blog!! I will send you a note from home, everything here looks just how you like it!!!! Clean Stocked and Shinning!!!! Love Ya, Caroline (p.s. I am not married anymore!! its a good thing)

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