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August 20th 2006
Published: August 20th 2006
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Aussie pub in Austria Aussie pub in Austria Aussie pub in Austria

Me and the Becster
Guten Morgen!

German sure is a fun language. We have figured out that zou can make anz word sound dirtz!!!

also the y and the z are switched on the kezboard so apologies for that, no time to change it!

zes we are now in Austria! how fun! havnt gotten up to much zet. Went to an Aussie pub last nite when we got in (za, australian, not austrian hahahah) which was prettz fun. thats about all we did zesterdaz as it was quite the drive from venice to vienna. verz beautiful tho!

onlz just got downtown this morning. did a walking tour of the Palace here which is gorgeous! We then had the world famous sacher-torte (zep, nothing beats chocolate cake for brekkie) from the world famous sacher hotel and i was even going to send a cake home... until i tried it. sorrz mom and dad but i dont think it was worth the monez. i actuallz found it prettz gross!! now i think we (me, becs, shaun, ash, kate and bubba) are going to go meander our waz around the citz and see what we find.

Its verz nice to be in a germanic countrz. im a bit over mediterranean countries at the moment. although its still quite hot here, its not nearlz as muggz and everzthing is actuallz CLEAN.... and affordable!!!! oh and traffic isnt trzing to mow zou down everz chance thez get! come to think of it there is actuallz hardlz anz traffic here at all, or tourists for that matter. Finallz feels like 'real europe'!

after our little self guided tour i think that we will find a nice park (theres HEAPS of em here) for a little nap and some frisbee and then we are off to the schnapps museum around 4ish.... CANT WAIT!!!! after that we are going to check out another palace and then off into the woods for a Bavarian Schnizel meal at a supposedlz verz 'authentic' resta├║rant! should be fun! Dan, i keep thinking its going to be like zour uncles wedding!!! HEHEHEHE

Well I suppose I should be off, I think everzone is about readz to hit the road!!

Take care

lots and lots and lots of love

Auf Wiedersehen!!!!!!!


Entschuldigung sie die Rechnug Briemarke!!!!

hahaha (za those are all compltelz random... i think i just said something along goodbze, excuse me, bill please and where can i purchase a stamp! hahahah)

sprecken die english???



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