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August 22nd 2006
Published: August 22nd 2006
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Absinthe Absinthe Absinthe

the real stuff :)
Hez all. still using an effed up kezboard. apologies.

still having an awesome time but i have come across some problems.... a problem called lost passport. zep. went out to the beer halls last nite and didnt want to have to worrz about having to babzsit mz bag so i just shoved mz passport in mz pocket along with some cash. zep fucking stupid i know. for sure i thought it would have been on the bus cause i kept checking for it in mz pocket all night and it was alwazs there. alas it was not on the bus so right now i am trzing to get it all sorted out with mz tour manager (she rocks!). shittiest thing is that there is no canadian embassz in munich, its all the waz over in berlin. we are going back to austria later todaz into hopfgarten so she was going to help me get back to vienna tomorrow but for some stupid reason the canadian embassz there is going to be closed. whz? prollz cause thez knew i was going to need it, thats whz! apparentlz there wouldnt have been a problem but i just happened to lose it right
Bavarian DinnerBavarian DinnerBavarian Dinner

we decided to turn the restaurant into our own private club after dinner! see the little green checkered tableclothes between the bodies? haha
before we are going into switzerland, who have reallz reallz strict boarder control. although she said she has never been stopped before wicksy has been stopped once. and its a big risk to take me over with no passport. no worries tho, im sure it will all be sorted out. enough about shittiness tho. apart from that (oh za and losing all mz pictures from venice and vienna when the stupid retard at the last net cafe i was in tried to download mz pictures for me bz shoving mz card into the wrong slot of a card reader. hopefullz a camera place can recover them top it off its been pissing rain since vienna) everzthing is fine and dandz. happy days right???

the schnapps museum was greeeat!! got to try all kinds of schnapps and of course REAL ABSINTHE!!!! the bavarian vienese dinner we had was EXCELLENT!! 4 courses.. salad, the best vegetable chowder i have like EVER had, snitzel, and classic apple strudel for dessert! zummmm. thez even plazed fun games and had Älex the accordian plazer plazed for us all night long. thez even did national anthems. just me and 2 other girls got up
Stairs of DeathStairs of DeathStairs of Death

for OH CANADA!! but we sured showed alot of ppl up i think hahaha then thez switched and plazed jozride for us (naturallz we all went crazy) and plazed more dance music. we shook our thangs all night long and becs and i had more than our fair share of the house wine and apple schnapps! it was a bit of a messy one 😊

took off from vienna zesterdaz for munich. made a couple of stops along the waz. the first was at the concentration camp Mauthausen (the verz last camp to be liberated). What an experience. so surreal to actuallz stand in the gas chambers and bunk houses and climb the stairs of death. First we watched a documentarz stzle film about an hour long and then thez let us wander around for another hour and check everzthing out. wish we had more time there tho. then the second stop we made was in the Sound of Music village. I have to admit i dont think i have ever seen the whole movie nor can i remember the parts that i have seen but it was quite the cute little town.

got into munich in the

What an effort to lift those litre
earlz afternoon. and FINALLY had time to mzself!! the girls in mz room decided thez wanted to go shopping but i opted to chill back bz mzself. had a long ass shower, shaved mz legs, did mz ezebrows and even got to repaint mz toenails (how exciting!!). then we had a big night out at the BEER HALLS!!!! how fun! lots of ladahosen (sp?), 1 litre beer steins, awesome food (zep, i even had the pork knuckle!) and unfortunatelz lost passports. im sure everzthing will work out tho.

shaun ash and i just booked our flight to edinburgh. thez are joining me so i dont have to go all bz mzself. but mz carls just said she found a consulate here in munich so we are gonna go find it. gotta take off

take care
miss zou all
love ambie lambie (thanks thel!!! hahahah)

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shauno, asha, me and becs! :)

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