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August 25th 2007
Published: August 25th 2007
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Yesterday, we rented a car and drove down to Austria. Our destination was the little mountain village of Hallstatt. The rental car place didn't have our Opal, so we got stuck with a Mercedes E class, darn, haha!

The first bit of driving on the autobahn was a little scary, but once I got the hang of it, it was a blast. It was like I was driving in a luxury car dealership. Porsche's, BMW's, Mercedes's, etc. all flying by at least 150km/hr (95~ mph), often much faster. The scenary was beautiful on the drive. Definitely 'Sound of Music' country.

We made to Hallstatt still early in the morning before all the tour buses arrived. We had the town pretty much to ourselves most of the morning. I can't describe how pretty it was there. Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves. Hallstatt is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was founded around 5000B.C. Thats older than Rome and Athens. People settled there because there are salt deposits in the area.

We are leaving Munich tonight on our second night train journey. Tomorrow we'll wake up in Venice!


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Nicole drinking water straight from mountainNicole drinking water straight from mountain
Nicole drinking water straight from mountain

The spicket is from the 1400's.
Our rental carOur rental car
Our rental car

Pretty fancy for a rental!

25th August 2007

Oh my goodness............
Oh my Jeff and Nicole!!! These pictures beat all of the rest of them thus far. This is soooooo beautiful. Just breathtaking. I am so enjoying your blog! Thanks so much for taking the time. it is so funny.......Terry and I are both following you. last night he was disappointed....."No word from Jeff and Nicole today?" Nope sorry dear!.......Enjoy!
26th August 2007

Hey Jeff and Nicole!
Your photo of the lake, mountain and town is so beautiful. I keep telling David I you most have taken it from a postcard! We will be watching your entries from Italy -- only one month until we are there. Hope you two are having a great (romantic) time!
26th August 2007

These pictures are unbelievable. Imagine waking up to that scenery every day. Nicole won't want to get back in her Honda after the Mercedes! Enjoy! Mom
27th August 2007

Great Success!
Nicole you finally made it to your computer background goal! Congratulations! Please, please, please drink a beer for me at some point. I see you have already consumed plenty! :)
27th August 2007

autobahn pictures
Who wants pictures of beautiful scenary. I wanted to see a picture of Nicole sticking her head out of the window on the autobahn doing 100mph. Looks awesome guys, enjoy
28th August 2007

I am so jealous
I am so jealous. And I miss my lunch girl.
28th August 2007

Wow! Like Brian B said, I am jealous. Great job on the blog. Fun to see all the pic's. Have fun.

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