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August 26th 2007
Published: August 28th 2007
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to going on a gondola ride! Hahahaha, just a little Venice engagement humor! Hope we caused a gasp, but thankfully, ITS ONLY A JOKE!

Sorry for the delay in updates. Its been a busy few days. We started out on a terrible night train journey from Munich to Venice. The train compartment was loud, tiny, and old. On top of that, our Asian neighbors accidentally broke into our compartment at 2am. No harm, but it kept both of us awake for awhile. We were both expectedly tired when we pulled into Venice at 630am.

Venice is just a few hour stopover for us as Nicole has already been there and I just want to cross it off my list. We check our bags and take a water taxi to the center. It is very pretty, but you can tell a thousand years is starting to wear on the city. With all the tourism money that it has to bring in, some of it should be put to restoring some of the buildings and at least cleaning up the graffiti.

We are here so early that the tour groups and cruise ship herds haven't made it in yet. St Mark's square is peaceful and quiet, a rare occurance. The pigeons are still there though. Nicole is terrified and won't get near them. I have great video of it. I hope I'm able to upload it.

We walk around the quiet streets for awhile and then work on finding a gondola ride. We've heard horror stories about how much it costs so we find one off the beaten path. It was a really cool experience. It became a little uncomfortable being the center of attention. Everyone wanting a gondola picture was taking a picture of us! It was a really cool experience and something to always say we've done.

I'm trying to buy art from street vendors each place we go. I'm really excited about the one I got here. We got to see him actually painting one so we know its authentic. David, Vicki, and Rob - Buy from this guy!

Next stop Siena!


PS - make sure to watch the video up at the top!

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Street artistStreet artist
Street artist

who I bought oil painting from. Its real!
Nicole hiding from the sun...Nicole hiding from the sun...
Nicole hiding from the sun...

It was a very hot day in Venice.

28th August 2007

YOU BUTTHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was freaking out! I couldnt get the blog opened fast enough. I was immediatley thinking..aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh how perfect and romantic of Jeff! I should have known. The pics are awesome! We are all getting very anxious waiting on the next blog! You have us all hooked!
28th August 2007

i am getting i going to be considered a member of the "cruise ship herds"? tell Nicole there is still hope I am sure............the trip isnt over yet and I am sure there is still some fairy tale appropriate locations for you to "POP THE QUESTION"
28th August 2007

I knew the fake engagement headline would get a reaction. I tried to talk Jeff out of using the fake headline. ALL JUST A JOKE, NO MORE ENGAGEMENT TALK!!! I will have a panic attack in Italy.
28th August 2007

Funny! You can really get attention that way!! I like Austria the best! I figured out how to to have the system send me an email when you add a new blog. I was proud that I figured it out all by myself!!!! Mom
28th August 2007

The big one got away!
No not Nicole, I'm asuming you went fishing from the gondola?? No but that is funny stuff Jeff, I'd be more suprised that Nicole would have had to tie you up and get you to drink more of that ale to get the marriage thing done! Mom just came in and read the title and screamed OH MY GOD JEFFERY KEITH OH MY GOD!! Then I told mom to get her glasses, while she walked away she was saying I've got to call Melanie and Melissa, yep you got us good!
29th August 2007

I was absolutely freaking out when I read this! Excited, but freaking out at the same time! After I read it and had a heartattack I had Maddie come a read it. Her reaction was priceless! Her eyes got HUGE and her mouth dropped open and she said, "It's about time"! Ha! Ha! That would have been perfect Jeff! Remember, I do have access to diamonds at cost, so give a call, we'll work something out! And I promise to keep my big mouth shut, I won't tell a soul! Okay, back to the trip! It looks like you guys are having a Great time! I wish I was there! I emailed the link to Kevin and Kristin, so they are seeing it all too! Can't wait to see the next stop!!!! Glad that you are seeing the world! Love ya both, Melissa
30th August 2007

If you follow around a flower or a crazy umbrella and wear a sticker, then yes you are part of the herd. You'll understand it when you see it.

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