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Europe » Austria » Styria » Kloster October 24th 2006

Field trip to Niederösterreich, where we got to see Klosterneuberg. Kloster means monestary, but unfortunately I didnt see any monks. The place was founded back in the days of the Babenburgs as part of one of those 'monestaries with a built in palace' deals, presumably so that God will forgive you if youre completely corrupt. Anyway, it became the obsession of Charles VI of the house of Habsburg, (a Habsburg in the 17th century), who tried to make it into a huge baroque thing out of it. The monks here apparently are the largest single producer of wine in Austria, so the whole monestary smells like... a lot of wine is being made. Following this, we went to a .. i guess 'restored' castle nearby. It wasn't really 'restored' so much as just plain built out ... read more
Kloster (EDIT)
Baroque Art

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