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March 13th 2008
Published: March 13th 2008
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Hi it’s Austin we finally arrived in Europe. Our trip to Europe wasn’t all that fun, but the trip it’s self is amazing I am so much fun. The trip here was very long, exhausting, and at some points scary. This is how it went. First we had to go to the Rochester airport which is only ½ hour from our house, so the trip to the airport wasn’t all that bad. The when we got there we had two hours to kill (that’s because mom wanted us to get there plenty early) so we had breakfast and went over to gate B6 to wait for our flight. Mom wouldn’t let us use our DS until we got to the Washington airport. My brother and I were reading until Connor started to get restless. He kept on getting up to see what time it is and then he would complain of how long we had left until our flight arrived. My dad and I went to a stand to buy him some coffee. When we returned my brother asked me where we went and I send that “we went to a secret place for men only which is why we didn’t bring you because you’re a girl.” He got made at me and made me offers so that I will tell him where we went. I went on and on about how much fun we had. When he finally made an offer that I liked I told him that we went to a coffee stand to get dad some coffee. He got so mad at me and asked dad if it was true and my dad said “yes.” Then my brother kept on yelling at me saying how I ripped him off, and I said “that’s life.”
Finally our flight arrived and we got onto the plane. Connor and I were disappointed because our plane was rather small, but we had fun when we were on it because we go to chew gum. The plane rid was 1 ½ hours but the time went by fast. When we landed in Washington we got off the plane and started walking around. We had to wait for 5 hours for our plane to arrive so we were going to go to a restaurant, but we were lost. We eventually found a map and went to a restaurant that didn’t look to fancy. We had to walk along way to get to our destination. When we got there the waitress seated us and we ordered. I ordered a turkey club sandwich. The food was pretty good when we finished eating we waited awhile to pay our bill, but we were in no rush so that was okay. When we left the restaurant we went to our gate and waited for the plane. We still had another few hours to kill, so Connor and I played our DS. When our flight arrived we got onto the plane which was really big! When we walked onto the plane the fight attendants said hello I knew right away that they were German because they had an accent. Then they started speaking German to each other. The seats were kind of small and uncomfortable, but I lived through it. When we got on I sat next to Connor but my mom separated us because we were messing around. I sat next to mom and Connor sat next to my dad. This plane rid was going to take along time because it was a none-stop flight to Munich, Germany across the Atlantic Ocean. When we got onto the plane it was 9:00pm. In Germany it was about 3:00 in the morning. When we took off I started chewing gum because gum makes your ears pop.
The plane got to the point when the seatbelt sign turned off and you were allowed to use electronics. There was a baby crying some where on the plane and the TV turned on. It said that we had another 7 hours on the plane until we arrived in Munich. It also said that that we were 36,000 feet in the air. The temperature outside the plane was -74 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s cold). At some points we were going 600 mph. I read my book for a little bit until my head started to hurt. I was really tired, but I was trying to stay awake until they brought dinner. They said on the speaker that they were going to bring a small dinner to everyone. My eyes started to droop and then I fell asleep. When I woke up about an hour or two later there was a tray with food on it in front of me. My mom said that I fell asleep right before they gave us dinner and she saved one for me. The food on the tray was lasagna. I don’t like lasagna so my mom ate it and I ate the roll, the fruit, and the small slice of cake. The cake was cheese cake with some kind of strawberry sauce on top (it was really good for airport food). When my hunger was satisfied I fell back asleep. When I woke up again it was morning and we still had another 2 hours to go. They served us a small breakfast. The breakfast consisted of a bread roll and a granola. bar. When we finally landed in Munich, Germany everyone in the airport spoke German. We rented a Mercedes car which is really comfortable and better yet it runs on diesel. The Mercedes car has a GPS in it.
In America once you reach about six you don’t rid in a car seat anymore. In Europe if your ten or younger you have to rid in car seat by law. When we are sitting in the Mercedes driving to the hotel I am sitting in the seat making fun of my nine year old brother who has never ridden in a car seat since he was five or six because now when ever we go anywhere in the car he has to sit in a car seat. At first my brother was not happy at all but once he got used to it he said that it is quite comfortable.
At first we got to drive on the auto bon. The Auto Bon is a highway in Germany that you’re allowed to drive as fast as you want on it. Pretty cool huh? When we got on it, it wasn’t all that exciting because when everybody is going fast you feel like you’re on just any old highway. After we got off the Auto Bon we had to take another route. On the rest of the way to the hotel we had to drive around and through these huge mountains! The roads kept on turning and winding around the mountains. The roads are also very narrow and at some points there are shear cliffs on one side of the road. There are a lot of long tunnels too. The GPS guided us around the mountains. The GPS did a pretty good job until one of the roads was closed. When we had to turn around the GPS kept on telling us to turn around, so we turned the GPS off and pulled out the maps. Since that road was closed it was going to take us another couple of hours extra to get to our hotel. After awhile my mom and dad switched drivers and we turned the GPS back on.
A few miles further we got stuck into a traffic jam. We had already lost a few extra hours of time so the traffic jam was the last thing we needed. Everybody in the traffic jam started to turn around go a different way. When we realized that the traffic jam was caused by a train the hit a truck that was carry a bunch of logs, we followed everyone else. The people we where following were going down this trail that looked like a bicycle trail. Once we saw one of the signs we realized it was a bicycle trail! We went of the road! The GPS was going berserk it kept on telling us to get back on the road. As we went down the trail we had to go over a wooden bridge that went over a big creek. The bridge was not made for cars so we weren’t sure if it would hold us. If the bridge cracked then we would be in major trouble! The funny part was right before the bridge there was a statue of Jesus hanging on the cross, so we thought for sure we were going to die. The bridge ended up supporting and we got off the bicycle trail, but the only other road to take was a road that said one way and we weren’t going the right way. We didn’t know what to do so we just kept following the two other cars in front of us. When other cars were coming down the road we had to move over so that they could pass. My mom was going crazy because on our side there was a cliff. Whenever a car tried to pass us and we had to move over we were almost falling off a cliff! When we got it over with and we were back on the road every calmed back down, especially the GPS. After about one hour we finally arrived at our hotel. A trip that was supposed to take only about 2 ½ hours ended up being a trip that took about 5-6 hours. We won’t forget that any time soon. We walked into the hotel and told the person at the desk that we had reservations. The person’s native language was obviously German but she understood English and gave us our keys. We didn’t pay for two rooms but they gave us two for no extra cost. The rooms were nice.


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