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February 11th 2018
Published: April 26th 2018
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Here we are, I can finally claim it...on one continent, I've visited all the nations...all of them. Born in Europe some 44 years ago, there were way less countries back than. Today, I count some 45 of them. 27 are currently member of the EU...but there is more....way more!

This is the first continent where I can claim this little honor. Well, could have done it way earlier...but I don't specially visit to Andorra to buy duty free wine of liquors...I would rather come to ski, and yes, it is a plus to have access to nice produces for dinner once the skiing of the day is done!

We ended up with a big SUV from Toulouse train station rental car office. Not the plan, and it took me few weeks to sort out the outrageous extra amount they wanted to charge me...but you know me, patience pays! So the car was truly nice...and finally a good deal. We slept in town...cheaper and still pretty comfortable at the local NH. Why not, now that we have the car and full snow tyres to go up.

Tanya has skied one day near Harbin in China and a morning in Dubai. So here it is, the big jump, we are doing a full two days week-end of nice powder snow! She has a group lesson for few hours each day...and I cruise on my own the slopes of Vallnord Pal Arinsal. The place is not huge, but I haven't been on skis for a while and this is a perfect training ground for Tanya. On my side, nothing will stop me to cruise non-stop up and down the few slopes for two days. Trust me, we sleep pretty well each night!

If you book ahead, and on the internet, skiing here is actually not that expensive. This as long as you join your ski lifts with equipment rental and if needed few lessons. so that was a relief.

We were also really lucky for the weather. It has been snowing a lot the last few days. We planned first to ski Ordino, but the access road was closed on the first morning we were there, too much snow! So snow at night and in the morning, and just before lunch time, let it be on Saturday and Sunday, the sun was out in full power!

This place cater mainly to beginners. So once you reach the top of the slopes, you have the place for yourself. This is an excellent place for a week-end. Had we stay more, we would have need to venture to the 2 other ski areas available in Andorra.

Andorra is a massive duty free shop selling booze, cigarettes and perfume! A lot of people actually only come for this. While leaving the country on Sunday evening, we encountered the traffic jam at the boarder. They don't check your passport here, they just want to see what you have in the trunk. They nealry stop one car our of three. They stopped us...nice polite people, and we were on the road 30 seconds later!

The price difference on liquor and wine is pretty yes, we stay in our nice room at the NH in the evening....home made tapas night...and truly nice Rioja.....and obviously, early in bed!

Next entry, as you guess, it's Sagrada Familia time! Next come maybe early-mid July at home, than some serious powder for us in late July. You can guess where!

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27th April 2018

Have you been to San Marino?
That's one I've overlooked and will correct that coming this September. I still have a few in Eastern Europe to visit, and will do so when Linda is able to travel with me.
27th April 2018

Hi Bob!
Yes, did San Marino, the old city is a really cute place to visit. Even done Kosovo and Moldova! Writing this...on very slow internet from...Chuuk!

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