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Europe » Albania » East » Korçë October 5th 2018

You have definitely heard about the possibility to do your shopping online. It is a great invention that all the people can benefit from. What actually is online shopping? It is a shop that allows you to buy the products online. That means you don't have to leave your house and go by bus to the other part of the city - you can just sit comfortably on your couch in your pyjamas and watch thousands of products on the screen of your computer. You can actually even do shopping while going to work by bus - you only need to have your smartphone. What are the others advantages of online stores? Save a lot of time As already stated, you can do shopping wherever you want. There are absolutely no limitations - you only need ... read more

Europe » Albania » East » Korçë May 23rd 2018

Albania 2018 Day 6. A hut somewhere in the Jungle to Colin Petran. We woke up to a morning of sun again, and yet again defied the weather forecasts predicting thunderstorms. We have not got wet so far with only rain in the evening or overnight. A climb to start the day after a decent breakfast of CHEESE, bread and garlic dip, fried egg and lovely cherry jam. Yesterday we saw cherry picking and punnets for sale at the roadside. The ascent was very pleasant with snow and glaciers to our left across the valley with the road winding around the outcrops and on our maps looking like someone’s small intestine. The road was a bit rough and potholes but manageable.Later we were taken on a 10km descent on a new road with sweeping bends and ... read more
My wet book. .
More good roads.
The whole group with mountains and glaciers behind.

Europe » Albania » East » Korçë May 21st 2018

Albania 2018 Day 4. Pogradec to Korce 63km, 600m ascent. Luckily the weather forecast was wrong yet again and we awoke to glorious sunshine after another great meal last night. We started with the usual comprehensive salad and cheese, of course since I cannot eat cheese. Roast vegetables and the specialty Koran fish, which is only found in the nearby lake of Ohrid. I don’t know if should say this but quite a few of the group are now drinking red wine. At 8.30 we set off to ride along the lake to Macedonia to visit the St Nahum Temple. First of all we had to tackle the border police and get our passports stamped as we left Albania. Thinking I was then in Macedonia I rode around the corner only to be confronted by another ... read more
St Nahum Temple.
Painted walls

Europe » Albania » East » Korçë July 31st 2014

Amy had a great day out in Albania today. We crossed over from Ohrid and visitied the very nice town of Pogradec on the banks of Lake Ohrid. Mum and Dad were very happy with the coffee on offer while Amy enjoyed watching the boats go past. We then went on to the city of Korca, described somewhere as the "Paris of Albania". Hmmm....maybe that's a bit of a stretch. The best bit by far was when we visited a nice outdoor beer garden with lovely sausages and Amy got to play on the swings there. What we saw of Albania we liked, although we definitely need to come back someday and spend more time here to properly explore the country.... read more
Welcome to Albania
These bunkers were everywhere
Beside Lake Ohrid in Pogradec

Europe » Albania » East » Korçë August 7th 2011

No, obviously I'm not in Albania but I can't blog without listing location but a hiccup in the program vs iPhone makes ut challenging! So Albania it is. I survived a Saturday night in Killarney, from the chocker blocked pubs to the techno nightclub my hotel room was so conveniently placed above it was a good night! Mind you the pints of Guiness and Smithwicks I'm sure helped me vibrate my way to sleep gently (thump.thump.woowoo). Yesterday I was feeling a wee bit like a caged bird who needed to stretch her wings when the perfect opportunity showed itself . After a quaint morning of cool villages, (Adare) cobblestone streets and lovely views, we arrived in Killarney and I had a free afternoon. So after standing in a doorway during a torrential downpour for half hour ... read more

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